Top 5 Prospects the Toronto Maple Leafs Are Most Likely to Trade

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The Toronto Maple Leafs alluded to the fact that they’re going to trade a top prospect at the NHL Trade Deadline, but which player could be leaving?

It feels like we’ve been talking about a Toronto Maple Leafs trade for years at this point, but this is relatively recent news. Whether it’s a top-six forward, a top-four/depth defenseman, or in a wild turn of events, a goaltender, the Leafs are going to make a move.

It’s essentially like Christmas morning for Leafs fans, and whoever the team gets, they should be excited with.

General manager Kyle Dubas is a very smart executive. He understands the balance of young and old, expensive and inexpensive, in addition to skill and grit. This team currently lacks depth scoring and could be tougher, so that’s exactly what the Leafs will be shopping for.

In order to acquire one these players, Toronto is going to have give up a top prospect. What that exactly means, nobody really knows at this point.

The definition a top prospect is intriguing. What Toronto values or what the opposition values is completely different than the general public. Although the market consistency puts Nick Robertson, Rasmus Sandin, Timothy Liljegren and Rodion Amirov as the top prospects in the Leafs system, that may not be true to Toronto or the opposition.

Although, I personally think that Sandin and Robertson are off the table in trade talks, that doesn’t necessarily means it’s true.

As such, here are five prospects that the Leafs will most likely trade at the deadline:

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