Toronto Maple Leafs to Be Featured on Amazon Series All or Nothing

The Toronto Maple Leafs recently revealed that they will be featured on the Amazon Prime Videos Documentary series All or Nothing. The series debuted in 2016 and features various professional teams as they navigate their respective seasons.

The Docuseries have followed NFL teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams. They spent a season with the Tottenham Spurs and Manchester City of the English Premier League as well. In all the series has featured 10 different teams from several different sports, but the Toronto Maple Leafs will be the first hockey team featured on the show. (Info via

The timing of this could not be better as there are so many different angles and storylines to follow this season. With Thornton chasing a cup for perhaps his last season, the Leafs young core taking that next step, all of the new faces in the organization, and of course playing in the middle of a pandemic.

The documentary crew should have unprecedented access to the team and I will be eager to see the end result. Considering we can’t be in the building to watch games this seems like a nice consolation for what we’ll be missing out on.

Toronto Maple Leafs Documentary

Most of the teams featured on the series have not found much success in the season they were followed. Manchester City is the only team of the ten followed that went on to win a championship the season they were featured (via The Maple Leafs could become the second team to win it all with the world watching them.

There are a couple of concerns that I had at first when I heard this news. I was first worried that this could cause a distraction for the team, and the second thought I had was this could introduce added covid exposure to the team. Only time will tell if these concerns end up being justified but having looked more into the documentary and the way they operate my concerns have waned.

I now believe that this series could be a good thing for the Toronto Maple Leafs team and the players. This will put a huge spotlight on them but with a young core that clearly has no problem with  being the centre of attention, especially Matthews and Marner, I see this as only a positive at the point.

The Leafs may win the Stanley Cup by the end of this season and I could not be more ecstatic that it will all be documented step by step.