3 Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumours Ahead of the NHL Draft

The Toronto Maple Leafs (and the rest of the NHL) will participate in the long delayed 2020 NHL Entry Draft this Tuesday.

The Toronto Maple Leafs currently hold a first round pick, 15th overall, which they received from the Penguins in the absolute heisting that was the Kasperi Kapanen trade. 

The Leafs GM Kyle Dubas could make a selection at that spot, but will most likely trade the pick for immediate help, seeing as the Leafs have ten other selections.

With the Leafs being known to at least be willing to listen about moving their pick (and perhaps seeking a goalie and room to include a massive free-agent signing) there are quite a few rumours surrounding the team, so let’s dig into them.

Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumours

The first rumour is pretty amazing, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have any legs.  Aaron Ward told the Serious XM NHL Hour that the Carolina inquired about Freddie Andersen (which makes sense, they’re a contender in need of a goalie, and also a poor team by NHL standards, and Andersen has already had 80% of his salary paid for this year).

According to Ward, the Leafs ask for Andersen was the NHL’s best defenseman, Dougie Hamilton.  Carolina was obviously not interested in that trade, and that’s the end of that (probably).  Hamilton, the ex-Leaf draft pick who ended up being the jewel of the original Phil Kessel trade would be the ideal #1 guy for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but the Hurricanes would need to be insane to move him.

The next rumour is one I wouldn’t even consider a rumour, because at this point Nylander rumours are about the laziest thing in sports reporting.  Never the less, Hockeybuzz has him going to Philly, or maybe Minnesota, and this is perhaps the 30000th time they have put forth a questionable rumour about Nylander.

Why would the Leafs trade their best contract? Why would they move a 23 year old superstar locked up at a discount for his entire prime?  I suppose if they’re offering Ivan Provorov you’d have to consider it, but that isn’t the rumour.

The fact is that its extremely unlikely the Leafs will move Nylander, especially when, if they did sign Pietrangelo, they could just move out Andreas Johnson and Alex Kerfoot who combine to make roughly the same money.  Despite a weird subsection of fans who hate one of the best  (and best looking) players in Toronto Maple Leafs history (for reasons no one can figure out) it ain’t happening.

The third and final rumour is my favorite.  According to RDS (the Quebec TSN) the Toronto Maple Leafs have interest in goalie Jonas Korpisalo.  After Korpisalo’s amazing run in this year’s playoffs, I too would love to have him on the Leafs.

This makes sense too because having paid Andersen’s salary (all except one million) he is a very valuable asset, one would could maybe bring back a first rounder.  Korpisalo, on the other hand, is signed for one more year after the upcoming season at a beauty $2.8 cap hit, is only 26 and already has more playoff success than Freddie Andersen has ever had.

To sum up, it’d be fun to get Dougie Hamilton, but it isn’t happening.  He would have won the Norris if he didn’t break his leg, and he’s Carolina’s best player.  They aren’t trading him, and the Leafs aren’t trading Nylander.  The Korpisalo one is something I’d like to see though.