The Highest Producing All-American Toronto Maple Leafs Lineup

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BUFFALO, NY – JUNE 24: Auston Matthews poses for a portrait after being selected first overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs . (Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes/Getty Images)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had some great American Players over the years.

In celebration of our neighbours to the south, with this being Independence Day weekend in the USA, I wanted to give recognition to the most productive American-born players throughout the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As much as it’s widely known that Canada has the majority of the player representation throughout the NHL, you don’t have to look further than the  Leafs to find a former 1st overall pick and American-born, Auston Matthews.

There is expected competition that comes from playing most of the international teams, while the rest of the world continue to grow their game to levels that force further parity.

However, Canadians don’t have to look very far to find a more proximal rival. USA Hockey has earned the ability to be considered amongst the countries that produce the highest level of players.

I will always enjoy seeing Canada as a favourite in any tournament they enter, but added competition isn’t a bad thing. Forcing both powerhouse programs to raise their game benefits everyone involved.

To celebrate the American influences that have helped shape this Maple Leafs franchise over the years, here’s a rundown of their highest producing players at each respective position.

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