Toronto Maple Leafs: It Appears Toronto Will Be Hub City

The Toronto Maple Leafs will host the NHL Playoffs, should the NHL’s return to play come to fruition.

According to rumour, the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to be announced as the eastern hub city when play resumes.

The NHL is going to go all Canadian, playing the Western Conference games in Edmonton.

All of this from the CBC.

Toronto Maple Leafs and the Return to Play

Previously it was thought that the NHL would choose Vancouver and Vegas, but supposedly Vancouver was unwilling to make exceptions for athletes, and so as for Vegas, well that always seemed like a crazy idea.

The fact is that Donald Trump’s nonsensical and highly irresponsible rhetoric surrounding Covid 19 has made using an American city  appear like a pretty bad idea.

According to the CBC article linked above, the Toronto Health Department has not confirmed that the NHL is coming, and as of right now (about 12:30 PM  Thursday) the NHL has not made an official announcement,

When it comes to resuming the NHL, I have maintained that it should only be done if it can be done safely.  Choosing a Canadian city is a good start, but if I can ignore the part of my brain that just wants to watch the NHL playoffs, I still don’t see how this is a good idea.

It would seem to me that the NHL just wants to get their TV money while they can, and finish this season to soften the blow of canceling next season.

Now I don’t know that to be true, but I do know that there is no way I will be attending a sporting event until there is a vaccine for the virus, and I can only assume that most people feel this way.

Since the NHL is  gate-driven league, I don’t see how they could possibly play an entire season in front of empty arenas, and I don’t see anyway fans would realistically be welcomed to hockey arenas in time for next season.

But then again, I make no claims as a hockey insider, doctor or scientist.  But as a logical human, this does explain to me why the NHL would be so set on finishing this year.

Again, I want to see hockey, I just don’t want to see hockey at the expense of people’s lives.

If Las Vegas is not a hub city, that at least indicates to me that the NHL is being responsible.

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Cue the Toronto finally seeing playoff hockey in the summer jokes.

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