The Very Best Twitter Follows for Toronto Maple Leafs Fans

Ever wonder who is good to follow on Twitter if you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs?

With the new wave of younger superstars coming into this game, the Toronto Maple Leafs have their fair share of the spotlight. And some have opened up their worlds online, so fans can follow along.

Players in this league are known to be diplomatic while they wear their respective sweaters. Simply stated, they can come across as boring.

Most athletes, throughout any sport, look to utilize social media to expand their brand. And hockey is no different. With the chance to peek behind their professional curtain, to see what they’re really like in their daily lives, it provides a whole new opportunity for personalities to shine.

Even though some players have more followers than others, you’ll typically find that those out of the Toronto Maple Leafs locker room share commonality with the type of content they post.

What to Expect When You Follow the Toronto Maple Leafs

Generally not shy to celebrate anything related to the team, they are also advocates for their communities, while supporting fundraising efforts of worthy causes. Players sprinkle in some showcasing of their hobbies away from the rink, too.

And there are instances where you get to see these athletes just being who they would naturally be, even if they weren’t a Maple Leaf. Whether they’re having a pool party in their backyard with friends, celebrating a milestone with family, enjoying a night out on the town, or playing a casual game of keep-away with their puppy.

They’re no strangers to sponsored posts, either. Just a forewarning, so you can prepare to be sold some things along the way (like Zach Hyman promoting his esports organization, @E11Gaming).

Here are the top 10 players that lead the team with Twitter followers.

@91Tavares – 227.1K Followers
@AM34 – 211.5K Followers
@Marner93 – 181.6K Followers
@mriles4 – 128.9K Followers
@wmnylander – 112.7K Followers
@f_andersen30 – 49.4K Followers
@ZachHyman – 44.4K Followers
@kasperikapanen1 – 38.3K Followers
@tysonbarrie – 34.5K Followers
@Travis_Dermott – 29.1K Followers

So, if you want the chance to see a little more from any of your favourites, give them a follow. And if you’re looking for others in the organization across Twitter, start with the official @MapleLeafs team profile. They are connected with all current personnel who have active accounts.

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While you’re at it, be sure to do the same for the @EditorinLeaf account as it will provide you with news, updates, and content to continually fuel this fanbase.