Toronto Maple Leafs: 5 Things We’re Missing Without Hockey Right Now

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TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 7: Mitchell Marner #16 of the Toronto Maple Leafs . (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

It feels like the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t played hockey since 1967.

Every passing day is harder without being able to see the conclusion of the Toronto Maple Leafs season.

There are only so many top-10 lists we can talk about before we go crazy from nostalgia.

Last month, I wrote an article entitled “I Miss Hockey So Much” and that statement is just as true then as it is today.

I think I miss it even more.

Every day feels like groundhog day and you can only simulate the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup in NHL 20 so many times.

As golf season begins in Toronto, in a normal year, so would the Stanley Cup Finals. Late May and early June weekends were perfect when you’d be able to play 18 in the morning and then meet up a bar with your buddies at night to watch the Finals.

In today’s world, the closest thing to doing that is having a beer over Zoom while playing Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR followed by NHL 20.

Sure, we can play golf now in Ontario but with social distancing restraints, it’s not the same.

I think that health officials are doing a great job trying to make the world safe in this pandemic, but as a sports fan, this time of the year is so meaningful so it’s unfortunate we can’t enjoy it.

As the NHL looks to make a decision on the remainder of the season in a few weeks, there are a number of things we’re missing from the current stoppage.

Here are the five biggest things we’re missing without hockey right now.

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