It is Time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to Call up Kenny Agostino

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a tremendous amount of depth on their team, including down in the Marlies where a handful of players could crack the lineup next season.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the best teams up front in the league, and also one of the deepest, due to Kyle Dubas’ never ending quest to sign cheap, talented, under-appreciated talent for the bottom of the lineup.

There are a handful of players on the Marlies who could make the team next season, but I want to focus on someone in particular. Kenny Agostino.

I think it is time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to call up experienced NHLer, Kenny Agostino.

Kenny Agostino  and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Kenny Agostino is a 28 year old left winger currently playing on the Toronto Marlies, who has some NHL experience under his belt.

I think the Toronto Maple Leafs should give him a shot and call him up when the season begins again.

2019-20 (AHL stats) – 53 GP – 27 G – 22 A – 49 PTS 

Career (NHL stats) – 85 GP – 8 G – 22 A – 30 PTS (Stats from

Why Should Agostino get the Call up?

What’s different between Kenny Agostino and the other players called up from the Marlies this past season to play in the big leagues, is that Agostino has experience in the NHL so calling him up wouldn’t of been a bad thing at all for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kenny has bounced around a few teams in his career and has yet to land himself a permanent job in the NHL so he’s been playing in the AHL for a good amount of time in his career.

If the Maple Leafs call up Agostino, or bring him on the team straight out of training camp they are getting a solid fourth line winger who can put up possibly 15 plus points, maybe even more depending if he slides up the lineup and because Toronto’s offense is one of the best in the league too.

There are other possible candidates to make it out of training camp next season or even get a call up during the season, players like… Egor Korshkov, Adam Brooks, Nic Petan, and Miikka Salomaki just to name a few players.

Where Would Agostino Slide in?

If Kenny Agostino does make the Toronto Maple Leafs out of training camp or even simply gets a call up sometime during the season , his talent and versitility will allow him to find a home on any line where he is needed, though he is probably best served in a fourth line role.

There are countless possibilities of what the Toronto Maple Leafs fourth line will look like heading into next season with a handful of players heading into free agency.

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As of right now all we can do is just assume what the bottom six will look like and if Agostino gets a call up where he could slide in.