The Toronto Maple Leafs Won’t be Trading William Nylander

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 12: William Nylander
TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 12: William Nylander /

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed William Nylander after a lengthy contract dispute and just over a year later, it appears to be one of the most valuable contracts in the NHL.

Nylander’s contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs has been a massive topic of discussion since it was signed, but few arguments that so even split the Leafs massive fan base ever end with such a decisive victory for one side.

Nylander’s deal is extremely cheap for what he brings to the table and he is never going to get traded.

While some people can’t let it go, and continue to babble about how, “Nylander is horrible and he’s hurting our cap!”  it’s just not true, and there’s no evidence to prove it.

There is however, evidence to prove how dominant of a player he is.

As Nylander entered the 2019-20 season there were obvious expectations. He had to be good, because if he wasn’t, he’d hear it — from everyone.

He entered the season with points in five-straight games. But it turned into much more than that throughout the year..

The now 24-year-old (happy belated birthday) finished the season with more than 30 goals, which put him second on the team. He even topped it off as being the best perimeter goal-scorer on the Toronto Maple Leafs, and also one of the best in the NHL.

Yet for Nylander, it’s not just about the goal-scoring. He’s been a primary contributor alongside either one of Auston Matthews or John Tavares.

Finishing the season with 59 points in 68 games, Nylander also became a steal against the cap.

If you were to place him, along with other comparables on a list in terms of most “bang for your buck”, Nylander would be near the top.

Most of his comparables are on shorter term deals at more than what Nylander is making currently. And it’s likely that some of the players on those deals will ask for a raise and will probably have a pleasant pay day.

By the end of Nylander’s contract, we’ll have an idea of what type of player he is. He’ll even be in his prime for a year or two of this contract, which is also a steal.

The bottom line is that Nylander isn’t overpaid, nor will he be traded for that supposedly much needed defenseman.

You don’t give up elite players signed to long term deals when those deals turn out to be so team-friendly in just their second year.

Nylander not only scored 30 goals and flirted with 70 points, but the advanced stats paint him as one of the best play-driving, scoring chance generating players in the NHL.   He is a zone-entry machine and is one of NHL’s elite players.

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And as the Dubas gets ready for his third season as the Toronto Maple Leafs GM, I believe he’ll keep his word and never trade Nylander while he’s in charge.

It just won’t happen because it wouldn’t make any sense.