The Best Ever Toronto Maple Leafs Players by Jersey Number

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are a special franchise where almost every number has an esteemed history with it. 

When you think of the current Toronto Maple Leafs roster, the numbers 34, 16, 91 and 44 all stick out.

Within Toronto’s history, 13 numbers have been honored by 19 players, which is second most in the NHL, only to their rival Montreal Canadiens.

With 103 years of history, the Leafs franchise is very unique with so many numbers retired. The team has been very fortunate that so many great players have gone through the organization that its current roster is unable to wear those 13 numbers for the rest of history.

Keep in mind that there are players who have worn multiple numbers, so for this case a player is only eligible at one number.

Also, the players who get picked are the best players to have ever wore the jersey with that number. It doesn’t necessary mean that they were at their best when they wore it, or even had a long history with the team.

Now, let’s breakdown the greatest players in numerical order starting with #1.

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