Toronto Maple Leafs: Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue Are Hockey’s Newest Couple

The rumors are true: Toronto Maple Leafs star defenseman Morgan Reilly and Tessa Virtue are currently dating.

Since there hasn’t been much NHL news to talk about, the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs chatter since the season stopped is all about Rielly’s relationship status.

For those unaware of who Tessa Virtue is, she is one of the most decorated Olympic figure skaters in Canadian history, having won multiple Olympic gold medals.

The rumors sparked after Auston Matthews went on a recent episode of Spittin Chiclets’ and shared a story about Rielly.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Love!

“I was pretty upset with him for a while and I would chirp him and stuff like that because he kind of kept it quiet, he didn’t come out and say it.

I was really pissed because me and him would go to the Raps game every year when Russell Westbrook would come, so we’d always sit courtside… This year, he didn’t go with me because his girlfriend was in town and that’s where it really fell off for me.”

Although Matthews was joking, those who listened to Spittin Chiclets’ were interested to find out who the secret girlfriend was that Matthews was talking about.

During the Toronto Maple Leafs Blue & White Gala in January, Rielly and Virtue were seen photographed together, which sparked rumors of their relationship.

Then yesterday in a live Twitter video with front-man Max Kerman of Arkells, everything became official.

As you can see in the tweet above, Virtue and Rielly are adorable together and seem to be making a happy couple.

Speaking of happy couples in the NHL, below are five other top NHL relationships you may or may not know about:

#5. Brooks Laich & Julianne Hough

Although he played 776 games in the NHL, Hough would definitely be more recognized than Laich throughout the streets of Los Angeles. Hough is incredibly popular, most notably from her time on Dancing with the Stars.

#4. Wayne Gretzky & Janet Jones

Before being married to “The Great One”, Janet Jones appeared in a number of television shows and movies, including The Flamingo Kid.

#3. Dion Phaneuf & Elisha Cuthbert

Even as the former captain of the Maple Leafs, Phaneuf could never eclipse the popularity of his wife. Having been acting since 1997, you may most notably remember Cuthbert as Kim Bauer on 24. 

#2. P.K. Subban & Lindsey Vonn

The most popular current NHL couple is Subban and Vonn who just recently became engaged. Similar to Rielly and Virtue’s relationship, Vonn is also an Olympic gold medal winner.

#1. Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

For many NHL players, it’s not often that their spouse is wealthier than them, but most players aren’t married to someone as famous as Underwood. Reportedly worth $140 million, there is no more famous NHL couple than Underwood and Fisher who have been happily married since 2010.

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