Projecting the Contracts for Every RFA and UFA on the Toronto Maple Leafs

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TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 29: Travis Dermott (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a few players due for a new contract and here we will look into what their new contracts are projected to be.

The twin’s Josh and Luke at Evolving Hockey have put together a fantastic model for player contract projections. So with those projections, I will take a look at what the Toronto Maple Leafs players who are up for contract are expected to sign for with the model.

 First would like to point out that the makeup of the model is covered in the glossary page on the EvolvingHockey site if you are interested in looking into it further.

The contract projects are based upon two separate entities, the first being the expected term of the player’s contract and the second being the expected salary cap % (percentage of the salary cap ceiling).

Toronto Maple Leafs Contract Projections

The models both use a system that weighs in the previous three years a player has played in the NHL.

This obviously only accounts for players who have played in the NHL in the past 3 seasons and not someone like Mikheyev for example who would be weighed only on his latest season in the NHL.

With this here is a snapshot of the factors that are accounted for to different degrees, TOI, Goals, Primary Assists, Game Score, Position, Age Tier, Contract Status (UFA/RFA), Signing Period, Signed with Prior Team (yes/no) and many more that go into the model.

For all of the cap hit projections listed, they account for a salary cap of $84 million.

All of the data will be from the Evolving Hockey website.

Hopefully, that is enough information to grasp on what goes into the contract projections.

Moving on we will break down both the RFA’s and UFA’s the Leafs have to re-sign this summer.

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