Grading Every Kyle Dubas Trade as the Toronto Maple Leafs G.M

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Toronto Maple Leafs

DALLAS, TX – JUNE 22: General manager Kyle Dubas   (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Kyle Dubas has been very active as the Toronto Maple Leafs GM since being appointed the position.

On May 11, 2018, Dubas was promoted to General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, becoming one of the youngest people in history to do so.

Becoming the successor to Lou Lamoriello is always tough, no matter who’s put in that position. However, in less than two years Dubas has put his stamp on the team quickly.

Within that time-frame, Dubas has already made 24 trades as GM, so let’s breakdown every one in chronological order to see how he’s done.

#1. Toronto Trades Nolan Vesey to Edmonton Oilers for 2020 Conditional 7th round pick (June 8, 2018)

Thoughts: Nolan Vesey was drafted based off potential from his last name. His dad was a former NHLer and his brother currently plays for the Buffalo Sabres, so there were thoughts that he would turn into something. However, it doesn’t look that way so props to Dubas for getting an asset for someone who probably will never play in the NHL.

Grade: C

#2. Toronto trades Matt Martin to New York Islanders for Eamon McAdam (July 3, 2018)

Thoughts: With two years left at $2.5 million per year, this trade was necessary to clear cap space. A fourth line player can’t make that much money, so although he was a great person in the room and influential on Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, Dubas made a good trade to clear his contract, despite not getting much in return.

Grade: B

#3. Toronto trades Connor Carrick to Dallas Stars for 2019 7th round pick (October 1, 2018)

Thoughts: Carrick didn’t seem to fit the Toronto Maple Leafs top-six defenseman heading into the 2018-19 season, so with $1.3 million owed to him, the team decided to ship him out for a 7th round pick.

Typically I’d give a decent grade for that alone, but that 7th round pick turned into Kalle Loponen, who as Alex Hobson points out here, has the potential to play in the NHL one day.

Grade: A

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