Toronto Maple Leafs Could Play First-Ever NHL Game in June

The coronavirus has taken a hit on all sports, but there’s reasons to be excited if the NHL extends its season and the Toronto Maple Leafs have a summer playoff series.

May 31,1999 — do you remember that day? Well, it was the closest the Toronto Maple Leafs ever got to playing a hockey game in the month of June, or in the summer at all.

Until now.

With the NHL and all sports suspended until further notice, that poses the question, “when will they start back up?

In the last few days we’ve heard that the NHL could have the playoffs throughout the summer, with the Stanley Cup awarded in August or September.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Summer Hockey

It would be a much different season, but it has already turned into that. With some teams only having 11 or 12 games left, everyone wondered if there would be anymore regular season.

As the recent news has come out, it looks like the Players Associations wants to finish the rest of the season and then go into the playoffs.  While this may be extremely optimistic, it’s a nice thought.

The Toronto Maple Leafs playing summer hockey.

It’s not the best of scenarios, but to me, it would be pretty cool. It’d be summer hockey.

While many people enjoy having their summers off, this one may actually be worth it.

Just think about it — going to Maple Leafs Square in shorts. I’m going to say that again, “going to Maple Leafs Square in shorts!”

And what better way than to play a hockey game in a month where the Toronto Maple Leafs have never played one before?

If the Toronto Maple Leafs do anything this summer, such as making it far into the playoffs or win something (which I’m not going to talk about because I’ll jinx it), this break will be that much sweeter.

Once the Toronto Maple Leafs do return, there will likely be a massive jump in their step. It’s like the start of the regular season again, yet, they didn’t finish it last season (if that makes sense).

For now though, this is a time to stay inside and patiently wait for sports to come back on. Not just that, but for everything else to come back to normal.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens throughout the world and what the NHL decides to do for games in the coming months.

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Stay safe, wash your hands and hopefully — NHL hockey will be back soon.

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