Roundtable: Who Is the Toronto Maple Leafs Best Trade Chip?

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The Toronto Maple Leafs need to make a move at the deadline tomorrow.

The Toronto Maple Leafs should be desperate to make a move before the trade deadline tomorrow.

The look on Kyle Dubas’s face during last nights game, one so embarrassing, it even made the Dutch news, betrayed he feels the urge and desperation that something has to be done.

The game against the Caroline Hurricanes exemplified the dire need the Toronto Maple Leafs have defensively. Playing against a team that was playing their second half of a back-to-back, The Toronto Maple Leafs were the one gasping for air, allowing 47 shots and turning the puck over more often than connecting it on the right stick.

Dubas will be on the market for a defenseman, at this point, he’ll be considering players for short- and long-term. The question is, can the Toronto Maple Leafs afford anything? The injuries provide relief from the cap hit, but do they have the assets to make a trade?

The Toronto Maple Leafs Best Trade Chip

For the Toronto Maple Leafs to be able to make a trade, they’ll need to be able to bring something worthy trading for to the table. They don’t hold their first-round pick for the upcoming 2020 NHL entry draft, complicating the matter even more.

With the endless list of injuries, what are the Toronto Maple Leafs able to cough up to make a trade?

That’s why for this roundtable the Editor in Leaf writing staff came together to discuss this week question; “Who is the Toronto Maple Leafs best trade chip?”

Let’s find out.

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