An Update on Some Old Friends: Ex-Toronto Maple Leafs Around the NHL

The Toronto Maple Leafs roster has changed drastically over the last few seasons, so let’s see what a few former players are up to.

Rule number one after a breakup. Delete your ex’s pictures off Instagram and block their number so you don’t drunk text them at 2:00AM.

I’m sure Leafs management wished they could have done that with a few ex-Maple Leafs right now.

Instead, they’ve had to watch in jealousy as a few players have jumped into a beautiful relationship with their new team. That can’t be said with every player but it’s definitely true with this first one.

Nazem Kadri

I don’t think the Leafs are regretting trading Kadri because of the return they received, but that may come to fruition soon. Having already surpassed his goal totals of last season, Kadri has 17 goals, 31 points and 89 (!) penalty minutes. (Stats

Kadri has fit in perfectly as the second-line centre in Colorado. He’s winning over Avalanche fans every night with his gritty play and is a player this current Leafs roster would kill for.

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Jake Gardiner

Defense is the biggest question mark for the Leafs right now. However, I don’t see the team swiping right to any of Gardiner’s pictures lately.

When Gardiner left the team for free agency, the Leafs definitely pulled the “it’s not you, it’s me” line. Having to blame the salary cap for the reason they broke up, there are no regrets in their decision to move on.

Gardiner is under performing offensively thus far, and there has already been some speculation they should look at trading him.

Break up song: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Taylor Swift

Tyler Bozak

Bozak was a beloved member of the Toronto Maple Leafs and although this break-up hurt, it was for the best. It felt like a beautiful relationship between two high school sweethearts, where one side wasn’t ready for something serious and the other one wanted a ring.

And that’s exactly what happened with Bozak as he helped the St. Louis Blues win a Stanley Cup last season. Bozak is a perfect role player on a team that has a very good chance at winning back-to-back championships.

He’s not going to put up a ton of points each season, but he’s still a very dependable player for the Blues.

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James Van Riemsdyk

In 2012, the Leafs were able to move on from a toxic relationship with Luke Schenn and acquire Van Riemsdyk.

In six seasons in Toronto, ‘JVR’ established himself as net-front presence scoring a career-high 36 goals in 2017-18. Right at the peak of their relationship, JVR ran back to his ex in Philadelphia and has yet to put up the same numbers he did in Toronto.

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It’s presumable that JVR will score 30 goals again, but it’s also possible the Toronto maple Leafs are the ‘one that got away’ for him, as he may never have the same production he had in Toronto

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