A Christmas Gift for Every Member of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs - Santa Claus (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Toronto Maple Leafs - Santa Claus (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /
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Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs – Trevor Moore (Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images) /

Trevor Moore

The gift of a warm winter coat and steel shoulder pads

We were going to get Trevor Moore his very own red shirt, but then we discovered that he already had one. Instead, we decided to get Moore a better set of shoulder pads. The ones he’s using have allowed him to hurt and reinjure his shoulder.

That is why we had custom steel shoulder pads made for Moore. They’re not just to be used during hockey games. This shoulder protection can be worn anywhere: at the bank, at his swimming lessons, even when sneaking in a mid-afternoon nap.

We also got Moore an extra warm winter coat. He’s born in Thousand Oaks, California and even though he’s been in Toronto for parts of four seasons sharing time between the Marlies and Maple Leafs, it’s hard to get used to the deep cold in the city.

Frederik Gauthier

The gift of a framed oversized picture of Frederik Gauthier

Most people don’t normally receive a large framed picture of themself for a present, but that’s what we got for Frederik Gauthier. With it, we included a note with instructions. The framed photo is actually intended to be regifted.

Gauthier is meant forward his present to the coach, Sheldon Keefe. Since Keefe took over for Babcock, the Goat has had a hard time staying in the lineup. Based on Keefe’s possession-based style of play, Gauthier hasn’t always been considered the best man to spend time on the Leafs fourth line.

Perhaps if Keefe had a large photo of the Goat in his office, there’d be a better chance of him being remembered and not relegated to the press box. Gauthier wants to be in the lineup and playing and hopefully, this helps.

Dmytro Timashov

The gift of a subscription to Rosetta Stone

Not many people know that Timashov is a polyglot. He actually happens to speak five languages: Swedish, Russian, English, Ukrainian, and French. He learned most of these languages thanks to his hockey travels.

While there has been a polyglot culture in the Chicago Blackhawks dressing room, there is one player who stands out elsewhere in the NHL for his linguistic abilities. It’s the six-foot nine-inch Bruins defenseman. Zdeno Chára speaks seven languages: Slovak, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Russian, German, and English.

In case Chára draws his hockey strengths and abilities from his mastery of several languages, we thought we would give Timashov a chance to keep up. By giving Timashov the gift of Rosetta Stone, we will be giving him the opportunity to match Big Z.