Maple Leafs on Cold Streak: No Need to Worry

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 18: Mitch Marner
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 18: Mitch Marner /

Toronto Maple Leafs are in a rough stretch.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have come back to earth after beginning the season as if shot from a cannon.  Having lost six of nine games, people are looking for someone to blame.

Mitch Marner has been demoted to the fourth line and despite solid a solid overall game, he starting to come up in trade rumours.  Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos discussed a Hall for Larsson type transaction involving Marner and Darnell Nurse. I don’t think I need to tell you how bad of a trade that would be for the Leafs.

Marner Unlikely to be traded!

Oilers websites have exploded with opinions. Thoughts of a McDavid Marner combo has Edmonton fans drooling.

The Maple Leafs have Shanahan/Lamoriello/Dubas. The Oilers, Bob Nicholson and Peter Chiarelli so it’s hard to envision the Leafs getting so thoroughly dusted in a trade.

Through Chiarelli’s mismanagement, the Oilers traded all their top offensive players (Hall, Eberle) not named McDavid or Draisaitl.  The Maple Leafs should not help mitigate Chiarelli’s mistakes by mimicking the same errors.

As discussed on EIL yesterday, Mitch Marner is playing well and continues on the path to becoming an elite player for the Leafs. His .5 ppg pace is well behind last years .79 but he is achieving those numbers playing 4th line minutes..  Furthermore, when your goalie can’t stop a beach ball while you’re on the ice, your stats will reflect poorly. Finally, no professional hockey player shoots 3.57% (all situations) for a season. Especially a player as talented as Marner, so it’s just a matter of time before he starts to fill the net.

There is No One Thing Wrong with the Toronto Maple Leafs

For those who thought the Leafs would run away with the league this season after their terrific start, it is time to take a deep breath. There is no doubt the Leafs can score. What the team has lacked is a defensive commitment – and when they’ve given it, they’ve been sabotaged by bad goaltending, more often than not.

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During last years playoff series with the Capitals, the Toronto Maple Leafs displayed the tenacity required to win playoff games against a very good team. They must continue that trend.

The Leafs will Compete for Division Title

Due to this roster and the coach, I have no doubts the Leafs will finish either between first and third in the Atlantic with home ice guaranteed in round one.

It is a long season filled with many ups and downs. The Leafs are playing better than the results they’re getting and they aren’t in the strongest division.  It will be tough to catch Tampa – but not impossible.  The Leafs are a good team, and they’ve got the roster, assets and cap space to be a great team.

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They may have lost six of their last nine, but that’s not indicative of the team they have.  No need to worry.

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