Toronto Maple Leafs Christmas Wish List


It is the time of year that Jolly St. Nick is checking his list for the second time, seeing who has been naughty or nice. Let’s focus on the Toronto Maple Leafs wishlist.

Considering Toronto Maple Leafs Nation’s recent upbeat attitude, and overall lack of success over the years, I think there is no doubt that we should be on the NICE list.  With that said, I have come up with a Christmas List that I have sent to Santa Claus on behalf of fans everywhere.  I only ask you to put out the milk and cookies for him.

Toronto Maple Leafs Christmas Wish List

A Top Pairing Defenseman

The Toronto Maple Leafs need a top D-Man like no other position. Morgan Reilly is a much better compliment than he is a #1.  Whether we need a more offensively-active defenseman like an Oliver Ekman-Larson, or a defensively minded shutdown guy like a Victor Hedman is up for debate. But Maple Leaf fans have been good this year, Santa.  If you get us just one gift, make it be a #1 defenseman.

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A Goal in the Shootout

Let’s face it. We suck at shootouts. Missed nets, posts, fans, or just a good shot that is saved. The Leafs can’t seem to come out of the shootout with much to show for it. I’m not sure if we stick with the same guys over and over again or if we begin to relay on the unconventional players such as a Gardiner and Komarov. I really don’t care. I just want to start scoring at a respectable level. League average, that’s all I’m asking.

A Calder Trophy

This is the only think the Leaf have a chance of winning this year. It would go a long way to keep moral boosted in Toronto. I must admit, I am afraid of Zach Werenski taking it home over Matthews. Even if it is not Matthews, please make sure it is not Patrik Laine. Werenski and Matthews are both so much more complete players than Laine.  There is more than one side of the ice.

4,5,6 D-Men

Polak, Hunwick, Marincin are not going to be on any team that wins a Stanley Cup. Outside of Gardiner, Zaitsev, and Reilly, the Leafs D-Corps needs a makeover. Please Santa, let either Dermott, or Nielsen turn out to be a solid top 4/5 defender with Valiev or Loov or some other rounding out our blue line.


Ok, this is more of an ask to be able to close out games properly. We may play 45 minutes of dominate hockey a lot of nights, but the other 15 minutes is where we consistently lose the game.  All I am asking for is to have these 15 minutes not cost us a lead or the game like it has. Every. Single. Time.

More Patience from LeafNation

You were generous enough to give us this last year. We liked it so much, we want another year of it.

A Redo on the Matt Martin Contract

Matt Martin for three more years after this season is not what we need. One more year is all that we are going to be able to fit him in for. Take him off our hands in the next year or so? Mmkay, thanks.

A Backup Goalie

Andersen can’t play 82 games.  He can play 60, or 65 at the most. We don’t want to wear him out before we become contenders. We need a goaltender that can play 20 games a season and that wins half of those.

A lottery pick where the best D-Man is the “best player available” at the draft.

JVR, Soshnikov, Hyman, Brown, Nylander, Marner, Kapanen, Leipsic, Johnsson, Timashov, Bracco. All wingers that are highly skilled and/or tough workers and this doesn’t’ even mention players drafted this past June. We are clearly set up front and do not need a high draft pick where the “best player available” is another winger. We need it to be a defenseman, guaranteeing that we help solidify the blue line this upcoming draft. What are we going to do with another winger? Create a fifth line?

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A Stanley Cup

I know you’re not a Genie, but I have to ask each year.