Toronto Maple Leafs Rumors: Beleskey and Franson

Sportsnet has reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs have met with Matt Beleskey and contacted Cody Franson’s representation.

With free agency set to open up tomorrow, the Toronto Maple Leafs have apparently contacted two players they should have nothing to do with.

While Franson is a valuable defender for someone, that someone isn’t the Toronto Maple Leafs. If this was four years from now, and Franson was the same age, it would look alright. Since it isn’t four years from now, it’s not a very good idea.

Franson is going to get paid – and it’s going to be north of $5M. That’s not what the Toronto Maple Leafs should concern themselves with at this point of the rebuild.

As far as Matt Beleskey goes, well, they just traded a Matt Beleskey to the Columbus Blue Jackets for in-case-we-need-it LTIR space in Nathan Horton.

Beleskey turned down $4M for four years from the Anaheim Ducks. That means he plans on getting more than that on the open market – and some foolish team is going to give it to him. It just shouldn’t be the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This is what I wrote on avoiding Beleskey a month ago:

The concern is his contribution versus his dollar value. Will he score 20 goals again? His career shooting average is 9.9%, which is inflated by the 15.2% he sniped this year. For simplicity, if he shot at 9.9% this season he would have scored 14 goals based on his 145 shots. Is he a $5M player then? Not even close.

Beleskey at $3M is an attractive buy, Beleskey at $5M is not.

It still applies today for the Toronto Maple Leafs.