Toronto Maple Leafs: Top Five Fights 2014-2015

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Zach Sill v. Mark Borowiecki (6.3) – March 21st, 2015

Mark Borowiecki clobbered Panik at the blueline after Panik was chasing a suicide pass from Dion Phaneuf. It was a clean check but, as the announcers said, these days clean checks are sometimes ones that require answering.

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Sill got busted up a little during the fight but it was a good, even, scrap for both sides. Both players can throw big punches and both are tough fighters.

There was no hesitation by Borowiecki – who never backs down from an altercation – after the hit as he knew who was on the ice at the time. Good scrap, I’ll call it even.

Toronto finishes the top five rated fights with a 2-2-1 record – which is considerably better than their actual record in the standings this year, so there’s a positive.

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