Toronto Maple Leafs 2014-15 Season Review


Well, this should be fun.

Remember that 18-wheeler comment from Brian Burke a few years back. Well, if that year was a 18-wheeler going off a cliff, I’d hate to wonder what went off the cliff this season.

Almost nothing went right for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. The second of the year was downright atrocious. The first line disappeared for multiple games more than a few times. The goaltending continued to be a question mark.

So, what went right? Well, it basically gave Brendan Shanahan reason to pursue a full rebuild. On terms of the on-ice product, we saw a lot of glimpses of what Morgan Rielly will be doing for the Leafs in the future. Not much else went well on ice.

Let’s take a month by month look of how the Leafs’ 2014-15 season went.


October Record: 5-4-1

Full Record: 5-4-1

The Leafs got off to a pretty good start to the season. Never going on a winning streak longer than two games, the good news is that they didn’t allow more than a two-game losing streak either. The Leafs scored 24 goals in the month, but allowed the same amount. That would go on to be one of the biggest pitfalls of the Leafs this season. They were lucky that they could actually put the puck in the net to begin the season.


November Record: 7-4-2

Full Record: 12-8-3

This month will be remembered for the two games against the Buffalo Sabres and the Nashville Predators in which they lost 6-2 and 9-2 respectively. The Leafs continued their hot hand with 50 goals in the month and actually outscored their opponent, only allowing 43 goals. Those two blowout losses were also what inspired the Leafs best of the season, as they would start an 11-1-1 run at the end of November and into December.


December Record: 9-6-0

Full Record: 21-14-3

Ah, the last month of the Leafs being some semblance of good. The last full month with Randy Carlyle as head coach. The last month of the Leafs being able to score as they scored 52 goals. However, the Leafs goals against in a month continued to grow as they allowed 45 goals in December.


January Record: 1-11-1

Full Record: 22-25-4

Only one thing needs to be said about this month: Only one win.


February Record: 3-7-1

Full Record: 25-32-5

Well, at least the Leafs managed two more wins than they managed in January. The Leafs only managed 25 goals in February. They also won two straight games for the first time since mid-December. You know you’re in a bad stretch when a two-game winning streak is considered a feat.


March Record: 4-10-1

Full Record: 29-42-6

The Leafs really began to wind down the season and continued to fail miserably. The Leafs went on a seven-game losing streak to go along with their 11-game losing streak earlier in the season. That seven-gamer began with a three-game swing in Western Canada, losing to all three teams. It certainly helped the tank effort.


April Record: 1-2-2

Final Record: 30-44-8

Then final five games of the season saw the Leafs lose to the worst team in the league and getting blown out by a team that’s not much better than them. They’re only win came in a shootout, truly ending the season with a whimper.

There you have it: The 2014-15 season for the Toronto Maple Leafs. A season which ended with the Leafs finishing 27th in the NHL. You have to wonder: If the Leafs didn’t go on that 10-1-1 stretch through the end of November and into December, would they have finished lower and have a better chance at Connor McDavid?

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