Toronto Maple Leafs In Tweets: The Final Game


The Toronto Maple Leafs 2014-2015 nightmare is finally over – and the reaction on Twitter was relief.

Fans took to the web to vent their frustrations and displeasure with the team, players and staff in 140 characters or less. Here are some of the tame ones.

This is pretty much the sentiment for every Leafs fan out there. I doubt there was anyone wishing this year would continue just a little while longer.

Rahul is taking the positive road and focusing on the draft. You recover quick Rahul, that’s a gift.

Thomas, Ted Nolan is a terrible hockey coach. The only thing he does well is get his players to work hard and, in Buffalo’s case, that almost screwed up their season long tank job. If the Leafs hire Ted Nolan they will be in big trouble. They need a good coach.

Horachek was tasked with taking a bullet for the organization and he did it with a lot of class. For a while there he even had them playing decent hockey just with poor results. There was never any saving this season. There was Horachek taking Carlyle’s spot under the bus when he rolled away.

It’s the other way around, Eric. The Oilers have been the worse team – and still are currently – for a while.

There was probably no better opponent for Nashville – for the Leafs – than the Chicago Blackhawks. Eight teams will be eliminated and the odds are that Nashville will be the highest seed of them all so Toronto will be looking at 22nd overall if the Hawks can discard the Predators. Best case scenario.

DeBoer didn’t do a great job in New Jersey with personnel usage. Todd McClellan was a trainwreck in San Jose and Claude Julien doesn’t deserve to be punished for his GM’s bad cap management.

Yes, he was. For a package that will make the Leafs better down the road. Toronto won that trade.

It’s just you, Asad. Let’s not get crazy.

Pinning this on Horachek isn’t right. Carlyle was the benefactor of a significant amount of luck. Fortunately for him he was fired just as that luck was running out and it makes it seem like he was a great coach. The reality is that Carlyle’s system doesn’t work in the long run and the players shoulder a lot of blame as well. Horachek was the fall guy from day one.

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