Maple Leafs Joffrey Lupul: Anatomy Of A Trade

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Does Seguin do for Lupul what Kessel once did for Lupul? Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Stars’ Trade Offer

Why it will work:

The Stars have two elite stars in Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, elite young talent along the likes of John Klingberg and Valerie Nichuskin and one of the best third lines in hockey led by Cody Eakin. The Stars do not however have a lot of depth, or defensive help and of their two big offseason additions Jason Spezza and Ales Hemsky, only Spezza has really worked out.

Lupul has proven he can play with great players, so he could pair in with Benn and Seguin and add to one of the leagues deadliest lines, or he could support Jason Spezza and attempt to boost the Stars depth. Either way, Lupul is a much better option than Hemsky in terms of consistency and offensive upside, and although Lupul is cursed with freak injuries, he is not as “injury prone” as Hemsky is.

Why it won’t work:

Stars decide Hemsky = Lupul and there is no point is paying for an asset you already have. Stars focus more a defensive and goaltending help and stick with their current forward core. Stars want to give the Spezza+Hemsky project another year, and with a healthy Nichuskin this time. This is a deal that may evolve to include more pieces from both sides as the Leafs core has several players (Lupul, Kessel, Polak, Phaneuf, Bernier and Reimer) that may be of interest for the Stars.

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