Maple Leafs Joffrey Lupul: Anatomy Of A Trade

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Does Brad Boyes finally get to play a game for the team that drafted him all those years ago? Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Panthers Trade Offer

Why it will work:

The Panthers surprised a lot of people this season when they almost fought their way into a playoff spot. Standout rookie and top pick Aaron Ekblad contributed a lot to this, as did a full season from Luongo. One thing they couldn’t seem to do was score, to help with this they went out and got Jaromir Jagr.

While Jagr helped the young Panthers a lot, and will most likely be back next season, they need more scoring options. The one thing that Lupul’s injury affords him is the experience of how to handle coming back from an injury. This is something that Jonathan Huberdeau and the other youngsters can benefit from, while also learning from the gym rat that Joffrey Lupul is.

Lupul, when given the puck in the right areas is still easily capable of posting 30 goals. That skill set in a league where goal scoring is becoming harder and harder to do is incredibly valuable, add in the veteran experience and work-out-beast that Lupul is and you get a player the Panthers would be wise to insulate their young players with.

Toronto gets the extremely talented but pint-sized (5 foot 6, 165 lbs) Grimaldi and the mean and nasty physical specimen that is D-prospect Alex Petrovic. Both players are borderline NHL ready and start the process of rebuilding Toronto’s system. Brad Boyes is still a nice offensive piece and the Leafs can flip him at the deadline for more pieces to continue the rebuild.

Why it won’t work:

Panthers don’t want to add a small piece and go after a big offensive fish like Kessel or Marleau. The Leafs insist on a young roster player like Huberdeau or Gudbranson or do not want to keep salary. Realistically, this is a trade that benefits both teams and fills needs for two teams going in very different directions. If the Panthers value Lupul’s intangibles and offensive talent more than they are afraid of his injury history, this is a deal that gets done.

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