Anatomy Of A Jonathan Bernier Trade

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Cam Ward and his massive contract could be the price of a second top 5 pick for Toronto

Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

 Carolina Hurricanes Trade Proposal:

*Carolina retains 3M of Semin’s 7M salary for the next 3 seasons

*Carolina retains 1.8M of Ward’s 6.8M salary for next season

Why it will work:

Carolina is a very low-budget team and having Semin make 7M to score 5 goals and be a healthy scratch for 20+ games is a death sentence for the small market team. Ditto for Cam Ward and his massive 6.8M to be a backup. The ‘Canes were willing to retain 50% of both player’s salaries at the deadline to make them go away.

Toronto is going to do just that for the ‘Canes; giving them a borderline elite goalie that is under Carolina’s control as an RFA in return for the ‘Canes own 1st round pick. This deal also helps Toronto get to the cap floor should they succeed in moving everyone else out the door. With Captain Eric Staal and the ‘Canes most recent terrible big investment Jordan Staal both appearing to be starting to go downhill, the Hurricanes need a goalie that can get the most out of this team and it’s dwindling stars.

Why it won’t work:

The ‘Canes are debating going through a rebuild themselves and the top 5 pick goes a long way to jump starting that. Having 4.8M of dead cap space may not be palatable to the ‘Canes owner, however they basically have 7M in dead space because of Semin as is. This is a very plausible deal.

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