Anatomy Of A Jonathan Bernier Trade

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Could John Gibson be the key piece of a Bernier trade?

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

 Anaheim Ducks Trade Proposal:

We’ll set the basic ground rules at the trades have to be for just Bernier and fit inside both teams salary cap structure.

Why it works:

The Ducks, although one of the youngest teams in the league, have core players like Perry, Getzlaf, Beauchemin, Kesler and Cogliano that are quickly approaching the end of their prime and the team’s window to compete for a cup is now. The team has two top goalies, but both are unproven, Andersen has proven to be a bit injury prone and Gibson comes with the wild inconsistency of such a young goaltender. Bernier, although not much more “proven” than either goalie has posted better numbers on a terrible Leafs team the last two years. As an added bonus, being the backup in LA for several years, Bernier has faced all of the Ducks nemesis shooters in practice hundreds of times. Anaheim went out and got Kesler specifically to compete with LA, Bernier could be another tool in their arsenal to do just that.

Why it doesn’t work:

John Gibson has another year of his ELC before hitting RFA status, and despite the Leafs taking on Mark Fistric’s 1.2M salary cap hit, the value probably isn’t quite there. That constant battle of “potential” versus “results” and where Anaheim GM Bob Murray stands, could sway this deal one way or the other.

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