Propsect Report: Breaking Down The Leafs Top Prospects By Position

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 Defence: Stuart Percy

We’ve all gotten a taste of Percy at the NHL level when he got an early season call up and looked right at home with the Leafs. He boasts excellent vision, a quick wrist shot, excellent skating – especially his ability to pivot the puck out of danger. He is extremely calm under pressure which is a talent desperately needed on the Leafs blue line and has a remarkable ability to get the puck quickly out of his own end whether it be with a quick pass or his skating. In order to hit his true potential Percy needs to continue building strength and working on consistency in his own end, but the Leafs have a real player on their hands here.

Upside: Good No.3 Puck Moving Dman, capable of 35+ points

Realistic Projection: Good two-way, puck moving No.4/5 Dman

NHL Ready: 2015-16

NHL Player Comparable: Paul Martin (But a much better skater)

Overall Position Rankings: A-

Number of Prospects:  10 – Led by – Percy, Matt Finn and Rinat Valiev

Number of Prospects with Realistic Shot at NHL play: 7 – Percy, Valiev, Viktor Loov, Tom Nilsson, Petter Granberg, Andrew MacWilliam and Matt Finn

Need for Position at NHL level by Leafs: Help Wanted, Apply Immediately

This is one area where the Leafs have a lot of talent, which is good because the NHL team desperately needs the help on defence. One area that none of these prospects really cover is a true top pairing guy. The Leafs have one already in Morgan Rielly, but Percy, Loov and Valiev project at 3/4 guys and everyone else as a 5/6 Dman. Having that kind of depth at such a key position is a massive asset, but the Leafs need another blue chip top prospect here.

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