Propsect Report: Breaking Down The Leafs Top Prospects By Position

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Goalie: Antoine Bibeau

We did a deeper dive into Bibeau two weeks ago, you can read that article here.

Standing at 6’1 Bibeau has the typical size of what the NHL looks for in goal tenders now-a-days. He has a very high level of technical play and despite his size is a very athletic goalie capable of spectacular saves. Consistency is his biggest area of need, as well as proving he can play often and for long stretches. Bibeau very much remains a work in progress, but his ceiling is rather high for such a late round pick.

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Upside: No.1 Goalie with clutch playoff pedigree

Realistic Projection: Great 1A/1B platoon goalie who can play 35-50 games

NHL Ready: 2018-2019

NHL Player Comparable: Jaroslav Halak

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Overall Position Rankings: C+

Number of Prospects: 3 – Bibeau, Christopher Gibson, Garret Sparks

Number of Prospects with Realistic Shot at NHL play: 1, Bibeau

Need for Position at NHL level by Leafs: Not urgent

With only three prospects at the position there isn’t a lot for the Leafs to draw from here. Gibson and Sparks have both shown some flashes but neither has the kind of ceiling to be anything more than a fringe NHL backup at this point based on their bodies of work. Antoine Bibeau, although having proven at the CHL level that he can be elite, still has a long way to go to reach that level of potential, and it is not assured that he will get anywhere near it.

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