Undrafted College Free Agents That Toronto Maple Leafs Should Target

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Kenney Morrison

Kenney Morrison hails from Lllyodminister, Alberta and is a similar prospect to that of Justin Schultz coming out of college, but more upside.

The Western Michigan defence man, like Schultz  has elite speed and skating ability, and also shows sparks of Leafs defenceman Jake Gardiner, Schultz’s good friend. Morrison gauged a lot of interest from numerous NHL teams, and can quarterback any AHL power play right now.

At 23-years of age, he has an absolute cannon from the point and can hit the net with accuracy. He plays and excellent defensive game, with the ability to read forwards and what their next move, intercept the pass and either make a heads up pass, or look to bang the puck to the quiet zones.

There is no doubt a bidding war will begin once he decides to join the NHL, and the Leafs should make a strong effort to attain him.

This video shows how hard of a shot Morrison has.

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