Maple Leafs In Tweets: #TMLTalk Tank Edition


With each passing day there are more and more Toronto Maple Leafs fans embracing the tank.

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You don’t have to wish for the tank – or outright support it – but when you look up at the standings at an insurmountable climb you should embrace being as low as possible for the better of the future.

That’s where the Leafs stand right now and it’s the painful realization after spending October to December riding false hopes.

Some fans have embraced it, some fans are taking the losses a little harder than others. The harsh reality is that things aren’t getting better for Toronto anytime soon.

This week’s Maple Leafs In Tweets highlight’s some of the best #TMLTalk tank tweets.

These three fans are clearly embracing the tank – and keeping close tabs on the Connor McDavid odds. I think the most wishful of all the three jersey’s is the Mike Babcock one. The Leafs have a better chance to land McDavid.

It’s not often these days you run across a Monty Burns quote. Well done, McTankid, well done.

It’s a difficult situation to avoid, but I don’t think the Leafs have to try to lose – they are legitimately that bad right now. The league is making strides with the new format for next season with regards to the lottery though Loraine.

Well said, enterthevoid. Those Leafs sure are sly.

It’s true, Leafs Speak, finishing last doesn’t guarantee you the top pick – but it’s all about increasing your odds. Wouldn’t you rather have a 20% chance as opposed to 8.5%? I would. That being said, it’s highly unlikely the Leafs can catch Buffalo.

Accept the tank, Adam. Embrace it. It’s happening.

Is that a cry for Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren? If so, I’m on board. Wouldn’t that be the most amusing – and obvious – tank move in history?

Federico, relax. No need to dig up old jersey-tossing wounds. We’re all upset this team is as awful as they are but this isn’t getting any better this year.

From jersey-tossing to shirt-burning. Some people aren’t taking things too well. Kiani, save your shirt – it might have McDavid on the back of it next year.

This is just creepy, but I couldn’t avoid putting it in here.

That wraps up this week’s Maple Leafs In Tweets, thanks for reading!

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