Toronto Maple Leafs: Who Will Replace Dave Nonis as GM?


The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to fall down the standings. In this week’s round-table post we ask about the future of the Maple Leafs general manager.

Question: Dave Nonis is reportedly bringing the Toronto Maple Leafs through trade deadline. Do you think he will be fired at the end of the season and, if so, who do you think will replace him as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs?

David Chernish

I believe he will be fired. Nonis has not been active at all in trades and has frustrated Leaf fans and players. He was too eager to sign a hometown kid in winger David Clarkson, giving him too long of term and money. Clarkson had one good season that led into a playoff run with the Devils.

He also signed 37 year-old Stephane Robidas to 3 years – which in my opinion should have only been a one year test and if it didn’t work out, let one of the kids in the Marlies battle for the last defence spot.

Whether or not Nonis will be active at the deadline – Shanahan is going to want his own general manager and head coach that knows what he wants. Nonis will make it to the end of the season, and then be let go.

A possible replacement for Nonis will come internally, and be the President of the organization.

President Brendan Shanahan, and could take over the GM duties. This makes the most sense, seeing as he already knows what he wants to do with the franchise, and will begin to take the team through the rebuild process with the knowledge he gained from Red Wings GM Ken Holland.

Torrin Batchelor

Dave Nonis has his finger prints all over every aspect of the failures of this team. The Clarkson contract, the Robidas signing, the botched Franson extensions, the over paying of Phaneuf, the refusal to fire Carlyle in the summer.

The list goes on for quite awhile. He can’t be brought back, if only because of the message that sends to us the fans – “Failure is acceptable, mediocrity is okay”. It is not okay, and Shanahan needs to let us know that he knows that.

More from Editor In Leaf

For those calling for Kyle Dubas to take over, stop, just stop. That’s the equivalent of saying Nylander should be our No.1 center tomorrow. The kid is just not ready.

No, the ideal candidate would be Rob Blake, the current assistant GM with the LA Kings. Blake has several years under his belt inside a winning organization and as a bonus is familiar with Shanny from their time at the NHL together.

He’s fresh blood, has experienced a winning program and learned from a borderline great GM in Dean Lombardi and Shannahan has a existing comfort level with him. He can bring in a fresh perspective and continue to groom Kyle Dubas to one day rule Leafs Nation.

Tim Chiasson

Yes, Nonis will – without question – be gone at the end of the season.

Right now he’s only a placeholder while Brendan Shanahan searches for the right man for the job – and don’t think for a second he has half the power he had before Shanahan came on board.

As for a replacement, I’d put Toronto’s situation much in the same category as the Pittsburgh Penguins. Jim Rutherford was brought to Pittsburgh not as a long-term solution but for a temporary filler while Jason Botterill learns the tricks of the trade.

Toronto’s Botterill is Kyle Dubas – he’ll be the GM very soon – and their Rutherford is Shanahan himself.

Shanahan has had his hands all over this team since he arrived. He’s the one who brought on Kyle Dubas and he clearly has a plan for him. Dubas is one of the smartest young minds in hockey right now and he will be the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs very shortly.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Shanahan skipped over the extended learning period and named Dubas the GM this summer – although it’s not likely.

What say you, Leafs fans? Who will replace Dave Nonis as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs?

If you chose ‘other’ let us know in the comment section who your choice is.