Maple Leafs In Tweets: #TMLTalk During/After Game


The Toronto Maple Leafs are a lightning rod for criticism and there’s no better place for fans – and media members – to voice their opinion than Twitter.

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This week, we’re going with ten tweets from during, and after, last night’s loss to the New Jersey Devils.

Some are funny, and they’re all depressing.

The bottom line is this: regardless of winning or losing you can always turn to Twitter to find hundreds of people that are spending their time chastising the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Let’s start with a fun one – complete with image.

The fact that #tanknation was trending shouldn’t surprise you, Ricky. If the Leafs were associated with ketchup then ketchup would start trending. Nice work on the picture, it’s nice to see Phil smile again.

Yes, Adam, it is impressive. The Leafs ability to fall so far down the standings may be their most impressive feat in years.

Way to stay positive, Leaffan1970. They certainly have the longest losing streak in team history – but that has a lot to do with poor luck and isn’t a true reflection of the team. I’d hold off on “worst Maple Leaf team in history”.

Jeff, I’m not sure what’s more depressing. The fact that you’re right, or that you took the time to do this.

That’s a lot of our lives, Braeden. 82 night’s a year lately.

And the list of jersey tossing teams hits three.

If you’re a real fan then you’re not, MTHL. Stop trying to get retweets and favorites. Teams go through droughts, struggles and the like. Real fans don’t quit on their team over a massive string of bad luck.

Preach it Adam. Lost in the thousands of negative tweets towards the Leafs are these little slivers of hope. Keep up the good work, Mr. Kelsey.

Wouldn’t it be nice, Paul? I do wonder, though, just how comfortable in the OHL Dougie is, and if he’s considering a step up to the NHL. The Leafs


will have some openings very soon.

Alright, Roman. If you ever read this post I want to know why you’re watching the Maple Leafs at McDonalds. This isn’t even a great tweet, but I’d really like to know why.

There you have it, Leafs Fans.

Ten (minus Roman’s confusing one) amusing tweets from during and after last night’s record setting loss to the New Jersey Devils.

I promise that these will only get more humorous, depressing and angry if the losing streak continues.

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