NHL Trade Rumors: Are The Toronto Maple Leafs Still Trying To Trade Dion Phaneuf?

In my last article, I wrote about my opinion that Toronto Male Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf would not be traded. Simply because the moves that the Leafs have made this off-season when it comes to their defense should allow some of the burden to be taken off of him.

Well, guess what. That doesn’t mean the rumors have stopped. Now, given this is an Eklund rumor, but he doesn’t name teams and it doesn’t sound too outrageous so I’ll go with it.

Eklund notes that the Leafs have a team in both conferences that they would send Phaneuf to, but the problem is that neither team is a preferred destination for him. He also says that past weekend was was filled with discussions and convincing.

Now, trying to narrow down the teams, I would say the team in the Western Conference could be the San Jose Sharks. They’ve traded away Dan Boyle and Brad Stuart. They might want to go younger, but they need some experience on the blue line and Phaneuf isn’t exactly an old geezer.

The team in the Eastern Conference is harder to pinpoint, mostly beacuse I don’t see the Leafs wanting to send him to a team that they will play four times next year. The team is most likely in the Metropolitan Division. If I was forced to guess, I would say the New York Islanders or the Carolina Hurricanes (they seem to like former Leafs) make the most sense.

However, I still feel the likelihood that Phaneuf is traded this off-season is very low. Although, I’ve found when someone on the Leafs roster is surrounded by this many rumors, he is eventually dealt at the Trade Deadline or the following off-season.

The Maple Leafs have made several moves this off-season. Could they make one more and say good-bye to their captain?