Apr 12, 2014; Ottawa, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf (3) during warmup prior to game against the Ottawa Senators at Canadian Tire Centre. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Rumors: Are The Toronto Maple Leafs Still Trying To Trade Dion Phaneuf?

In my last article, I wrote about my opinion that Toronto Male Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf would not be traded. Simply because the moves that the Leafs have made this off-season when it comes to their defense should allow some of the burden to be taken off of him.

Well, guess what. That doesn’t mean the rumors have stopped. Now, given this is an Eklund rumor, but he doesn’t name teams and it doesn’t sound too outrageous so I’ll go with it.

Eklund notes that the Leafs have a team in both conferences that they would send Phaneuf to, but the problem is that neither team is a preferred destination for him. He also says that past weekend was was filled with discussions and convincing.

Now, trying to narrow down the teams, I would say the team in the Western Conference could be the San Jose Sharks. They’ve traded away Dan Boyle and Brad Stuart. They might want to go younger, but they need some experience on the blue line and Phaneuf isn’t exactly an old geezer.

The team in the Eastern Conference is harder to pinpoint, mostly beacuse I don’t see the Leafs wanting to send him to a team that they will play four times next year. The team is most likely in the Metropolitan Division. If I was forced to guess, I would say the New York Islanders or the Carolina Hurricanes (they seem to like former Leafs) make the most sense.

However, I still feel the likelihood that Phaneuf is traded this off-season is very low. Although, I’ve found when someone on the Leafs roster is surrounded by this many rumors, he is eventually dealt at the Trade Deadline or the following off-season.

The Maple Leafs have made several moves this off-season. Could they make one more and say good-bye to their captain?

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15 Comments on NHL Trade Rumors: Are The Toronto Maple Leafs Still Trying To Trade Dion Phaneuf?

  1. Dan Avolio says:

    Great Article!

  2. A13276 says:

    The Eastern Conference is wide open. The Bruins are a veteran and heavy team but their lack of team speed was exposed by the Habs and they lost their 1st line winger. The Rangers and Pens have lost pieces. So if I’m Shanahan and Nonis; after toughening the defense and gaining some veteran savvy, improving the skill and speed of the 3rd and 4th lines and what should be a much improved penalty kill (Komorov, Santorelli) that was 28th overall last season; I’m in no rush to trade Dion. Imagine having a chance to play in the Stanley Cup Final. Come trade deadline day in March; Dion’s trade value will be much greater than now anyway (I’ve no doubt the Sharks covet him).

    • Bill Kniess says:

      (A) isn’t happening. Bruins are still a better team and this will probably be the yr. Tampa jumps back up. Without Stamkos for a big slice of the season and trading St.Louis they still finished near the top. Re-signed Callahan. Bolstered their defence with Stralman. Added Boyle for size and defence. Drouin will be added to the line-up. But i agree with B..a team will only have to pick up a piece of his salary at trade deadline and then next yr. another 7+ mil. gets added to the cap.

    • BigM027 says:

      Kulemin, Raymond, McClement and Bolland are far better than Komarov, Frattin, Kontiola and Santorelli. Of course they also cost alot more money. Leafs went for bargain basement additions while overpaying Komarov. The Leafs are a worse team, but so what they will get a better draft pick and play some Marlies. Losing Gunnarsson will hurt Dion but the young d gets a chance. At least the losing will be accompanied by building from within.

      • A13276 says:

        I’d take Komorov for $3mil over Kulemin for $4.5 mil in a heartbeat; Frattin over Raymond because he’s harder and tougher on the puck and he can skate; McClement – loved the guy but he looked awfully slow this season and provided not a hint of an offensive threat, Santorelli can fly and loves to bang, good in the circle; Kontiola was judged one of the best players in the recent World Championships; Bolland – love him too but not for five years and $5.5 million a year; he would have been in a can’t win situation here; even if he played well; with that kind of contract.

        • BigM027 says:

          A bunch of guys that didn’t play in the NHL last season.LOL

          • cuspernicus says:

            Wow you are a real moron…
            Komarov is the reason the leafs were not as gritty last year…
            Kulemin is soft for his size…
            Raymond has speed but zero hands… Frattin has almost the same speed.
            You are a pathetic troll…

          • BigM027 says:

            Frattin was a healthy scratch for 50 games in two organizations last season. Raymond scored 19 goals. Bad Hands. Put on your red wig, red hair and big floppy shoes and hang out with your friends, LOL

          • cuspernicus says:

            You are a disgrace to the Mahovlich name…

          • BigM027 says:

            I feel for your parents and the shame they must feel.

  3. Gary Slippoy says:

    Would love to see them trade Phaneuf. Getting closer to McDavid all the time. Leafs have several young defenceman to come up to play for the big club.

  4. Don Quinlan says:

    “No trade clauaes” and “no movement clauses” have to go; or at least should be regulated. I’m so sick of hearing GM’s complain that their “hands are tied” when it comes to trying to move a player, yet these same spineless idiots are the ones that, in their refusal to create a united front, hand these almost always unjustified clauses in players contracts like so much candy. There’s NO WAY, for example, that Ryan Kessler should be able to say “I don’t want to play here anymore…let me out of my contract & trade me to Anaheim” and ACTUALLY GET HIS WAY leaving in his wake a humiliated, disempowered, laughing stock of a GM with less than half of Kessler’s trade value in return had he been made available to the entire league (or ar least more than one team!). Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr l, Mario Lemieux and Bobby Hull, arguably the top 4 players in NHL history, never had a “no movement” nor even a “no trade” clause. Yet Ryan Kessler, a perennial 2nd line center & Dion Phaneuf, a perennial underachieving defenseman & fan/media whipping boy, gets $7million a season (more than the highest career AAS of all 4 of these NHL legends combined (admittedly in earlier eras, but still…) AND has the power to refuse a trade destination? Absurd!

    If something isn’t done to curb the evidently automatic inclusion of these clauses in one form or another in the near future, the Canadian franchises of the National Hockey League will, starting with the Edmonton Oilers, fade and die one by one under the weight of their own unsustainability.

    The irony is that they’re the ones to blame for their own demise by allowing these clauses to exist in the first place and by having no choice in the end to both overpay prospective players as well as including extreme incarnations of these dreaded clauses in their respective contracts just to get them to play there!

  5. Cy Chapman says:

    The only question that really matters is have they improved from last year. The answer is no Bolland, Raymond, Kuelmin and McClement are all proven NHL guys. The people they have replaced them with are not. Blooand and Raymond are both 20 goal guys that is 40 goals who is gonna score them? Bolland and McClement are both proven penalty killers and faceoff men. Who among this unproven bunch are faceoff guys none. They are not nearly as good and that team missed the playoffs. Blindly agreeing with these clowns running this team only encourages them to do notta. Its gonna be another long year unless we get a big surprise from some of the youngsters. But Frattin, Kontiola, Santorelli and Komarov are not the answer here. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out

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