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Toronto Maple Leafs News & Notes: July 4, 2014

Who is Petri Kontiola? Mislav Jantoljak, a Croatian hockey writer who covers the Kontinental Hockey League, answers that question for Maple Leafs Hot Stove. It sounds like he has a pretty developed offensive skillset, which is always a plus, and makes him a candidate to play a top-six role.

It remains a mystery as to what kind of role new-old Toronto Maple Leafs right winger Matt Frattin will play this time around. I always liked his game as a Leaf, and thought he had some good chemistry with Nazem Kadri. Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun spoke to Frattin, who’s back with the team who drafted him after playing for two different clubs last year.

One piece of news I sort of glossed over yesterday because it wasn’t surprising was James Reimer filing for salary arbitration. Cam Charron of The LeafsNation tells us what that means, and how much he’s probably going to be looking for (if the case even makes it to court).

Martin Brodeur, one of the best goalies of this generation, is still unsigned. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been linked to the 42-year-old and are one of his most likely destinations according to Dan Rosen of The problem with that is Brodeur is no longer good at goaltending, and he reportedly wants a chance to win the Stanley Cup. That’s not happening in Toronto.

At first, Jarome Iginla signing with the Colorado Avalanche seemed like a good match for both parties involved. Iginla had a rebound season with the Boston Bruins and the Avs’ young lineup took the league by storm during the regular season. But, as Tyler Dellow of Sportsnet writes, don’t expect either Iginla or the Avs to repeat their successes next season.

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8 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs News & Notes: July 4, 2014

  1. Bill says:

    Here’s how I picture the lines.

    Van Reimsdyk – Bozak – Kessel
    Lupul/Leivo – Kadri – Frattin/Broll
    Komarov – Kontiola – Clarkson
    Bodie/Holland – Santorelli – Orr/Ashton

    Phaneuf – Robidas
    Gardiner – Granberg/Franson(or trade him)
    Reilly – Polak

    I hope they don’t sign a 40 year old backup (Brodeur/Khabibulin)
    Hopefully they find a good backup and a pick/prospect in a trade with Reimer

  2. Stan Smith says:

    I don’t think Reimer will get that big of a raise through arbitration, if he gets one at all. As it is the Leafs were having problems finding a taker for him at $1.6 mill. If he does get more I hope he is prepared for his back up roll with the buds.

  3. A13276 says:

    Who woulda thunk that Nonis would have a cool $5 million in his sock drawer after all the bloodletting. That’s after accounting for recent signings and RFA money due. Now we can sit back and wait for a player of consequence to become available as a result of a team in CAP trouble without having to move money out or penetrating the 10% CAP overage ceiling. Good work Nonis. Talk about value for your dollar. The bottom 6 has been drastically retooled and upgraded. Santorelli can fly, has hands and loves to bang; he became available because he was a find of the Gillis regime (Nucks fans aren’t happy seeing him leave); Kontiola (“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know”), had 5 or 6 NHL teams interested in him; has skill and one of his strengths is reported as “running a power play”; Komorov will get all of Kulemin’s quiet minutes and dramatically help last year’s abysmal penalty kill (28th from 2nd the year before when Komorov was here and we made the playoffs); Frattin can play and is tough on the puck. So we have an improved bottom six, penalty kill and defense; all identified weaknesses. And Nonis still has $5 mil in cap space to burn and tradeable assets in Franson and Reimer. Hey and don’t be too surprised if Nylander forces himself into the Leafs top six after camp; that’s his plan.

    • Bill says:

      Good point, where do you see Nylander fitting in? He is a natural centre but can also play right wing. I don’t think he’s ready for tough minutes yet, I could see him sheltered in between the two tough fins Komarov and Kontiola possibly.

      This is the most versitile team I’ve seen in years, lupul, frattin, komarov, and Ashton can play on either sides of the wing. Phaneuf and Reilly played they’re off sides last year but as of now they have three right shooting d. And santorelli, kontiola, komarov, Ashton, can all play centre or wing on the bottom six.
      I really hope this year they can find a good mix in their lineup and start playing all 4 lines.

      • A13276 says:

        Nylander, much like Rielly, his skill level is so high, junior hockey wouldn’t challenge him enough so he’d be wasting a year there (just like Rielly last year). If he’s going to stick, it’s gotta be on the right side with Lupul and Kadri or in the middle with Kessel and JVR (I’d pay to see him and Kessel on the same line – oh man). They won’t keep him if he’s not going to play big minutes. After that I’d prefer the Marlies – great that they’re right next door to the big team.

        • Bill says:

          When bozak was injured they played Holland on the first line and he played great with kessel and jvr, then they put kadri on the first line and that worked out terribly, he is too selfish. From what I hear Nylander is a better playmaker and can score better than Holland, so I think that would be an awesome line. Time will tell though .

  4. Bardia Kayson says:

    Although traded for a good reason (to obtain Jonathan Bernier), I absolutely hated to see Matt Frattin go. I believe he has potential to be a clutch player. Happy to have him back in Toronto.

    • Bill says:

      I completely agree, I was more than happy to have Bernier but missed Frattin. I’m happy to have him back, I hope he learned a lot from the kings and is better from that experience.
      I watched a lot of Marlies games when Kadri and Frattin were on the team and they seem to make each other play better. We got a taste of that when they both played together on the leafs 2 seasons ago I think it was.

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