Mar 19, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf (3) goes after the puck against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Air Canada Centre. The Lightning beat the Maple Leafs 5-3. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Speculation: Dion Phaneuf Will Not Be Traded

Sorry everyone. I know this will disappoint you.

Since the season ended, Toronto Maple Leafs fans have clamored for the trade of Dion Phaneuf. Well, I don’t see it happening now.

The acquisitions of Stephane Robidas and Roman Polak were both made to make the Leafs a harder team to play against when it comes to the defense. However, there was another reason the Leafs brought them in. The two veterans are coming to Toronto to take some of the pressure off of Phaneuf.

So, why bring in these guys to take the pressure off of Phaneuf if you’re going to trade Phaneuf? The answer is you don’t.

Polak and Robidas will each probably be playing with one of Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner. That will leave either restricted free agent Cody Franson or rookie Petter Granberg to play with Phaneuf. With a veteran on each pairing, the Leafs should be able to divide the ice time pretty evenly among their defensive pairings.

All this should allow for the Leafs defense to perform better as a group. As for Phaneuf, perhaps he won’t have to be the bearer of the fan’s wrath for much longer. Who knows, maybe even another trade is on the way and the Leafs defense core is still not being remodeled.

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8 Comments on NHL Trade Speculation: Dion Phaneuf Will Not Be Traded

  1. D.WAdair says:

    Toronto fans are not clamoring for Dion to be traded its only the haters who are not fans in the first place and know very little what a hockey play look like. Phaneuf will have a great year.

    • leafslover says:

      Could everyone quit making stupid generalizations about everyone else. I have been a diehard leaf fan since as long as i can remember, and I think that we should trade Dion for a bag of pucks. That doesn’t mean that I think the people who want us to keep him are any less of leafs fans than me. I think we just view what we are watching Dion do differently. Please stop lumping people in as leafs haters because they think that Dion is not much better than a pilon, or if they think that he is the best player on the team. There is nothing wrong with opinions. Thank You.

  2. A13276 says:

    QD.WAdair – Bang on! Brat Leaf fan posters, Leaf haters, media (stoking the fires) and casual hockey fans reinforcing each other’s flawed thought process on Dion Phaneuf. The man gives a great balance of offensive ability, physicality and sandpaper to our back end. Kept saying for the longest time; you don’t want to trade Phaneuf; you want to get 1 or 2 more just like him except they’re hard to acquire. He would have looked awfully good on the Sharks backend against LA!

  3. jimithy says:

    #3 doesn’t mind who he plays with as long as they don’t take his parking spot in front of the net. That’s his personal parking place.

  4. Since67 says:

    I nearly choked when I read the second comment about Dion and needing 2 more like him. Did you see him play the “pressure situations”..holly crap, he couldn’t handle the puck. He is a decent D man but that’s it..NOT a “C” or a leader…he is highly erratic and screws up basic plays more than any other Dman teaching the young kids. I can say for sure I don’t want guys like Rielly learning his habits. Trading him now is the right move because of $..he is solid #2 and great #3 D. If you don’t move his contract now while you have many suitors(after you eat 2-2.5M/yr on his contract) you will never be able to move it in 3 yrs from now, when his slow feet really catch up to him when he already struggles with the game speed at 30 and that’s scary. I’d rather see a step back on defence for a brief time to take a better step forward in coming years with UFA’s or your own guys like Rielly, Finn..start teaching the right way to play D and hold them to it and the team will start to flourish…I am 38 and a die hard fan that wants to see a great team for many years.

    • A13276 says:

      He’ll just have turned 36 in the last year of his contract. If you had 1 or 2 more like him; then his minutes go down to a more manageable level – he’s just forced to play too much.

      “Phaneuf played one of the hardest quality of competition schedules in the entire league this season, logging gigantic minutes against the opponents top line every single night. He was out there in every situation, as if he was Carlyles safety blanket. Phaneuf spent 1,885 minutes on the ice this year, a decline for him. He’s had exactly one full season will less minutes, his rookie year in 2005-06. He’s been over 2,000 minutes four times and in the 1,900’s twice. That works out to just under 17,000 minutes in the NHL. To put that into perspective, Shea Weber who is a minute machine like Phaneuf, has 3,000 less minutes in 73 less games. For Weber to catch Phaneuf, he’d have to play over 40 minutes a game over those 73 games. His points total of 31 was the lowest he’s had in a full season since 2010-11. He also only had 11 PP points, which has been a big part of his game since he established himself in the league. With the stunning collapse the Leafs had to end the season, the media decided that questioning Phaneuf’s leadership was the way to go. Only the other Leafs can tell you for sure how they feel about Phaneuf as the captain, but this is a man who logged the most ice time of anybody on the team, played at least a chunk of the season visibly hurt, never complained and took the brunt of the media and fan attacks, so that other players didn’t have to. Sounds like a pretty decent leader to me.”

      • Since67 says:

        I agree he is majorly over played and part of that is why fans get on him. For me though, he still commits errors to often..and they are plays my sons peewee team point out. I am involved with Jr hockey and have talked with scouts that have said to me..” I wouldn’t want him working with my young D..” I here it is attitude issue and is a little self obsessed. True or not I don’t know..what I do know is his contract is bad at 7yr/49M, and I’ll guess you would agree or feel differently in 3 yrs from now when he is slower pivoting to his right than ever before. The team needs a culture change and some BIG TIME leadership improvements and he is the perfect place to start with this team. It’s just not him for sure but accountability needs to be a focus..3 collapses in 3 yes and he is the captain..I want a championship team built, not a middle of the road team that makes the playoffs every year but never really contends.

  5. Claude Lamontagne says:

    It’s too bad Phaneuf and the Leafs have had a very poor month of March. Phaneuf at 7 millions per year is impossible to trade…

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