Mar 26, 2014; Calgary, Alberta, CAN; Anaheim Ducks defenseman Stephane Robidas (19) skates with the puck against the Calgary Flames during the second period at Scotiabank Saddledome. Anaheim Ducks won 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Maple Leafs Sign Defenseman Stephane Robidas

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally broke into the free agent frenzy nearly two hours into the game. The Leafs have signed defenseman Stephane Robidas to a three year contract reportedly worth $9 million. That means a $3 million cap hit. That’s not bad for the Leafs.

Robidas had injury problems last season, splitting it with the Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks. That shouldn’t be a concern for Leafs fans as he hasn’t been injury prone for his entire career. However, that being said, the two injuries he suffered last season were both broken legs (same leg) so the Leafs will want to tread carefully with it.

Robidas is not an offensive player by far but is another defenseman that will be tough to play against. He is however more of an all-around defenseman than Roman Polak, who the Leafs acquired at the draft.

Mark Spector of Sportsnet had this to say about Robidas on Twitter.

So the Leafs have brought in an all-around defenseman that will be a character player for the Leafs. The Toronto Maple Leafs seem to be making re-modeling their defense a priority and with the acquisitions of Polak and Robidas, they’re doing that for sure.

What do you think of the signing?

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  • old hockey fan

    So far I am hohum on the Leafs actions in this free agency. I am much more interested in what they do to address the issue of who plays center.

    • Tim Bayer

      David Legwand and Brian Boyle still available. I was hoping they’d snag Dom Moore.

  • Stan Smith

    The Leafs definitely had to address their defence, which to me was their biggest weakness. I worry a bit about Robidas age, but if he can help in Rielly’s and Gardiner’s development, great/ They still need a depth centre and a back-up goalie. Not sure why but for some reason I think that will be Reimer.

    • Tim Bayer

      Even though he requested a trade?

      • Stan Smith

        If the leafs wouldn’t have qualified him and let him become a ufa I think he would have gotten a ” show me what you can do” contract from someone in the $1 mill range. I don’t think there are many teams that would fork or the $1.6 mill he is guaranteed by the leafs. I can see the leafs saying ” start the season with us. If at some point someone else is willing to pay you the same money and give us something in return” he now has $1.6 million reasons to start the season with the leafs. I’m not saying that is what will happen, just one of a number of scenarios that could happen.

        • Tim Bayer

          It’s a possibility. I wonder about what effect it might have on the locker room to have a guy there who wants out. I know Reimer isn’t the type to get all pouty, but he might still become a distraction.

          • Stan Smith

            My thinking is that if the above scenario happened that the end result would be it was his decision to stay, plus he seems like a very likeable guy, and he would fully understand what his roll was, that he would not be a distraction.

            Once that happens he may actually get the opportunity to prove himself again if Bernier goes down or struggles. I do think he also needs understand that he has to work on some areas of his game.

            What it will really come down to is winning though. If they do well and win, everything turns out great. If they lose then no one is happy, not only him.

          • Tim Bayer

            I meant more in terms of the media making it a distraction. Might simply grow tiresome for everybody to answer questions about it. The thing is I don’t think the Leafs will be very good this year. If they land one of the big centres still available, I might change my tune.

          • Stan Smith

            While I think they need to work on their defensive game, and it’s obvious that the reason Robidas and Polak were brought in is for that purpose, they are an average team in the East. I stated at the beginning of the season that barring injuries that they were a middle of the pack team last year too. What they don’t have is a lot of depth. That, more than anything killed them last year, and it could easily rear it’s ugly head again this year.

            I may be in the minority here but I don’t believe they need a superstar centre. I think they need a #3 or #4 depth centre, and a 4th line they can use for more then 4 or 5 minutes a game.

            I actually like Carlyle as a coach. I laughed near the end of last season when he was asked what the problems were and he said “we don’t know”. At the beginning of the season he would say this player needed to step up or this one needed to do this, or even his goalie was just “ok”, and the media burned him at the stake for those comments. So he stopped telling the media anything. If anyone really thinks a team of coaches and management, with the # of years experience they had, didn’t know what the problems were, they are fooling themselves.

            I didn’t agree with all his decisions, in only playing 3 lines, and his handling of Reimer, but as I stated many times before, he has a lifetime winning % of close to .600 in regular season and playoffs and he didn’t get stupid all of a sudden.

            To me the big thing everyone needs is patience. The Leafs were the least prepared team for the cap era and it has taken a long time for them to realize they can’t spend their way out of the hole. The team has to grow from within. Nonis, at least keeps saying those words. I hope he sticks to it regardless of how many people run yelling “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”.