Mar 22, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs forward Dave Bolland (63) heads up ice against the Montreal Canadiens at the Air Canada Centre. Montreal defeated Toronto 4-3. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Speculation: Could Dave Bolland Help The Toronto Maple Leafs Move Up In The Draft?

Yesterday, my fellow writer Tim Bayer wrote an article about the Toronto Maple Leafs letting forwards Nikolai Kulemin and Dave Bolland test the free agent market. Well, if they are and they don’t plan on re-signing them, there is one avenue the Leafs should explore, for both of them but Bolland especially.

David Staples listed Bolland as a potential player the Oilers could go after in free agency to fill their No.2-3 center role. In my opinion, Bolland looks like the ideal fit for Edmonton. He’s younger than 30 years old and he has the experience of two Stanley Cup rings. For such a young team, that type of experience would be invaluable.

Now, it looks like Bolland will be demanding a lot of money in free agency if reports are to be believed, but it’s not like the Oilers are hard against the salary cap with $21 million to spend and not a lot of expensive players to re-sign, if any. That is why the Oilers should go after Bolland.

Now they could wait until July 1 and try to sign him then, but I think with the Leafs apparently wanting to move up, there could be a package the Leafs  could put together. Obviously, the Oilers aren’t going to swap picks just for a player that might not even play for them this season. That is why the Leafs would package a defenseman in the deal.

Now, Jake Gardiner and Morgan Rielly are out of the question. I’d say that Cody Franson or Carl Gunnarsson would be part of it, but I wouldn’t rule the possibility of an even bigger trade with Dion Phaneuf heading back to his birthplace and a little salary, possibly Sam Gagner, coming to Toronto as well.

If such a blockbuster were to happen, everyone would focus on the bigger name of Phaneuf, but if the Oilers were to acquire Bolland and then sign him to a new deal, it would be a great thing for a franchise that has languished at the bottom of the NHL for so long.


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9 Comments on NHL Trade Speculation: Could Dave Bolland Help The Toronto Maple Leafs Move Up In The Draft?

  1. SarcasticBugger says:

    Maybe the Leafs should throw in Stastny and Iginla too… as long as you are going to suggest trading players who the Leafs don’t have contracts with.

  2. Stan Smith says:

    I think Bolland might have a big surprise this summer. I don’t think too many teams are going to offer a player that was let go for Draft picks a year ago and is coming off a major injury, a long term contract for anywhere near $5 mil a year.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      We saw this with Bozak last summer where his original demands were outrageous, then they came down a bit. The difference is Bolland can talk to any team right now, so he has a better idea of what other teams are offering him compared to the Leafs.

  3. old hockey fan says:

    It appears to me that the longer we go without any movement on the Leafs’ part the less they are able to get done. They have so many bodies to get under contract on top of the “Culture Change” movement that one would think they would have been busting their balls to get new blood into the team. Instead, what have they done? Let 2 assistant coaches go and have not even hired replacements. If for no other reason than just to appease the fans the Leafs need to appear to be more involved than what dear old Laid Back Nonis has fed to the media.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      I think they’ll be active in free agency and possibly on the trade market. If reports are to be believed, Nonis is kicking tires, so it’s not like he’s twiddling his thumbs. Pierre LeBrun tweeted that the Leafs are going after Dan Boyle. I still believe there will be plenty of player movement.

      • Stan Smith says:

        I think because of the number of their own players they need to get under contract there isn’t going to be as much movement as everybody thinks. I do think we will see a number of marlies given good chances to make the team though.

        • Tim Bayer says:

          The number of current Leafs they’re able to get under contract will be the determining factor. I still believe there’s a good chance they let Bolland, Kulemin, Raymond, Ranger and McClement all walk. There’s also the possibility Gleason is bought out and Reimer gets traded. If that happens, the Leafs will need to fill a lot of holes.

          • Stan Smith says:

            That still won’t effect their top two lines and the core of their defense. As far as Reimer goes I think he has little trade value at his current salary. I think they either qualify him to keep him or let him walk. I can see then maybe make one big splash either for a Centre or a dman. Othet than that I still think we see a lot of marlies given opportunities.

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