Apr 3, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner (51) goes to pass the puck against the Boston Bruins at the Air Canada Centre. Toronto defeated Boston 4-3 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Speculation: Could The Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Jake Gardiner To The Edmonton Oilers?

Over the past few weks, I have been writing about trade rumors that would see the Toronto Maple Leafs move up in the 2014 NHL Draft. Some have been out, but perhaps not as the one I’m about to present to you now.

Matt Larkin of The Hockey News suggests the Edmonton Oilers send the third overall pick to the Leafs in exchange for both Jake Gardiner and the eighth overall pick. That way the Oilers could pick the second best defenseman in the draft, Haydn Fleury.

Okay, I know I’ve thought of some crazy trade rumors, but usually they fall in the favor of the Leafs, if they favor anyone. This one is so lopsided in the Oilers’ favor that it could be considered highway robbery. I get this is just a suggestion and not an actual rumor but yikes, this one looks horrible for the Leafs.

Yes, this trade would help the Leafs pick of the top prospects in the draft, but in my opinion, if the Oilers want Gardiner in exchange for the third overall pick. That’s it. That way, both teams get a player that will make a difference on their team. If the suggested happens, the Leafs get a potentially great player and the Oilers potentially get two.

One thing you have to consider is the conditions Gardiner would be playing in. If he were traded to Edmonton, he would be reunited with old college pal Justin Schultz. It’s fair to assume that Gardiner would play just as well as has with the Leafs, if not better. That is what makes this trade rather… well, lets just say unfair.

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9 Comments on NHL Trade Speculation: Could The Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Jake Gardiner To The Edmonton Oilers?

  1. Andrew says:

    I like the idea of Gardiner for #3 straight up. That would give the Leafs the opportunity to take Bennett and Virtanen/Ritchie. Talk about setting up your first line for years to come. Not to mention adding Virtanen/Ritchie into a lineup that will already include Gauthier in a couple years time will make the Leafs a very difficult team to play against – each line as tough as the next.

  2. Jack Kirchhoff says:

    I’d trade Gardiner for Edmonton’s No. 3 pick straight up. But the Leafs must hang onto that No. 8 pick. The guy they’d get there wouldn’t be much less of a prospect than the No. 3. But Andrew is totally right: If the Leafs can get No. 3 and No. 8, that’s a good situation. And frankly, I’d just as soon see T.J. Brennan with the Leafs as Jake Gardiner.

  3. Bill says:

    You take the best player available, and at 3 it’s probably Bennett. But for me it would be hard to not take Leon Draisaitl if he was still available. 106 points in 64 games, 6’1 206 pounds. He reminds me of a Ryan getzlaf type of power centre.
    And I agree with everyone, it should be Gardiner for the third pick straight up. I wouldn’t mind the deal because I think T.J Brennan deserves a shot

  4. Peter Hefner says:

    I believe Jake would be a good center or winger cause he is not physical on defense so if a leaf come training camp see what he can do I know he has speed what the Leafs got to lose?

  5. Peter Hefner says:

    Tim, Jake is not one of leafs best defenseman is is weak not physical what was Gardner plus / minus?

  6. old hockey fan says:

    The idea that you would trade a guy who already plays in the NHL and is young with quite an upside and trade that asset for a plain raw Junior talent is a mystery to me. No guarantees that this junior player will ever make it to the NHL. Get a grip people.

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