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Toronto Maple Leafs News & Notes: June 20, 2014

First, from the department of lunacy, Sportsnet’s Gare Joyce brought up the rumors about the Toronto Maple Leafs moving up to the first overall pick. However, he brings up a deal that I had not heard of until yesterday. Instead of the more rumored Dion Phaneuf, Nazem Kadri and the 8th overall pick package, Joyce replaces Phaneuf with Jake Gardiner. What’s worse is that he thinks that the package is not enough to pry the No. 1 overall pick from the Florida Panthers.

So, lets’ see. If the Panthers keep the first pick, they get one blue-chip prospect. If they make this trade, they would get three. Kadri and Gardiner might not be prospects but they’re still pretty young. It would be plain lunacy for the Leafs to offer this, but if they did, the Panthers would be dumb not to accept it.

Speaking of Gardiner, there has been rumors of the Leafs moving him to forward. This is what general manager Dave Nonis had to say about it.

He was a forward, he started as a forward. He played more of his formative years as a forward. There’s been some talk of it, but I think he gives us an element at the back end that would be hard to replace. He can skate the puck out, pretty good on the power play. So I think right now, we would keep him back there, but …

Some offensive defenseman have made good forwards in the NHL, Brent Burns being the most recent example. With all the defensive depth the Leafs have in the pipeline, moving Gardiner to forward might something the Leafs do in the future, but not necessarily this season.

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2 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs News & Notes: June 20, 2014

  1. Andrew says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the trade front. I’ve heard a lot of people supporting the Phaneuf, Kadri, and 8th overall for the number 1 overall and I think it’s absolute lunacy and Gardiner in lieu of Phaneuf is even more unrealistic given that there is no benefit in unloading cash. Phaneuf and Kadri alone for the number 1 pick I would strongly consider (and I think FLA would be wise to do the same if such an offer were proposed). For the Leafs, it would mean two picks in the top 10. Could mean Reinhart/Bennett and Virtanen/Perlini/Ritchie – a move like that would establish your first line for the next 10 – 15 years (I assume Kessel would be around for the first decade). Not to mention, unloading Phaneufs pay cheque would put the Leafs in the position to give PK Subban a tantalizing offer sheet – worst case scenario you handcuff MTL to pay him more than what they would like.

  2. A13276 says:

    This Gare Joyce should not be writing on hockey – embarrassingly stupid surmising on his part; the guy isn’t even in the batter’s box – he’s standing outside in the parking lot with his thumb up his ass!

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