Apr 12, 2014; Ottawa, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf (3) during warmup prior to game against the Ottawa Senators at Canadian Tire Centre. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Rumors: Edmonton Oilers Making a Push For Dion Phaneuf

Another day, another Dion Phaneuf trade rumor. At this pace, if he is wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey when training camp begins, I’ll be extremely surprised.

This time, its the Edmonton Oilers that the team that is getting set to make a run at the Maple Leafs captain. Now, this is an Eklund rumor, so take it as you will.

This is what Eklund had to say about the Oilers and Phaneuf

I am still hearing that Edmonton is prepared to strengthen its push to acquire Dion Phaneuf with an offer Toronto can’t refuse.

Well, if the Oilers want to do that, I’ll say they can go for it. The Oilers have had so much trouble getting better in the Western Conference that they need to do something to get out of the NHL’s basement.

In any deal that would send Phaneuf to Edmonton, I would imagine that the Oilers’ third overall pick and the Leafs eighth pick would also be involved. A player like Sam Gagner or Nail Yakupov could also be part of the deal.

If it’s a deal that the Leafs can’t refuse, you’d have to think that at least one of those two would be on their way to Toronto. I don’t think any of Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins would be part of the deal, as much as Leafs fans would like them to be.

What do you think of the possibility of Phaneuh heading back to his home town? What would you want in return?

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26 Comments on NHL Trade Rumors: Edmonton Oilers Making a Push For Dion Phaneuf

  1. Ben Gillespie says:

    Toronto: 3rd Overall, Yakupov
    Edmonton: Phaneuf, Reimer

  2. SarcasticBugger says:

    Nothing screams credibility like quoting Eklund. Is there a player in the NHL that he hasn’t listed in a trade to every single team in the league?

  3. Tennis Newz says:

    Do GMs not watch the other conference and have really short memories? MacTavish should remember how overpaid and mediocre Phaneuf was in Calgary when they were able to unload that terrible contract on the Leafs. Now he wants to bring him to the Oilers on an even worse contract? And into the Pacific division? That would not be a smart move. If they’re willing to put together a big package to get a defence man, why would you go after someone with a huge contract for the next 7 years who shouldn’t be in your top pairing and you’ll need to try and keep away from teams top lines? I know their defence is terrible but this move wouldn’t really change that and would eat a ton of cap space. Better off overpaying someone like Nisaken or Orpik for 4 years and giving up the same they’d give up for Phaneuf to get the #1 pick. In 3 years they’d have a much stronger defence.

    Phaneuf’s still the same player he was in Calgary. Slow, gets out of position, has a good shot which can be good on the powerplay, can play physical but it gets him into more positional issues that he can’t recover from. But he can do okay clearing the front of the net. And he’s not great at moving the puck. In Calgary he was given a huge contract based on offensive numbers with the hope that his defensive game would improve as he got more experience. It didn’t. Toronto gave him a huge contract based on I don’t know what. With younger players sometimes you pay them a lot hoping they’ll keep getting much better so by the end of the contract it’s a bargain. In this case I don’t know what the contract value was based on. He’s not a top pairing guy and his game hasn’t been improving so it’s not reasonable to expect him to become one. You pretty much get what you see now. Which is a good defence man, but not great. And not worth paying anywhere close to that cap hit with nowhere close to that term. But if the Oilers want to just keep being terrible for some reason, go for it. Less competition for the teams I like in the West.

  4. super darryl says:

    Phaneufs condo is near my home. me and my friends will help him pack

  5. Andrew says:

    I’d want #3 and Yakupov for Phaneuf and Kadri….I rather give up Kadri than the 8th overall pick and with the saved money, make a push to sign Stastny….keeping the 8th overall pick would also allow the Leafs to try and swap the 8th and Reimer with Calgary for the number 4. WOuldn’t that be unreal if they could pick 3 and 4 in this years draft……highly unlikely, but it would certainly bode well for the future as it would probably give you Draisaitl and Bennett as your top 2 Cs moving forward.

  6. A13276 says:

    If the leafs were to trade Phaneuf then they’re writing off making the playoffs next season and doing another complete rebuild. That doesn’t make any sense. And other than the #3 pick, what would really interest the Leafs? Gagner? Small and slow. Yakupov? he’s a KHL player. RNH – way tooooo soft and weak. Eberle – gets slower every season. Hall – no brain. And they all cheat and don’t play a 200 foot game – there are reasons why they’re so bad for so long!

    • Tim Bayer says:

      Have you ever seen the Oilers play before?

      • A13276 says:

        Ya and you can’t win with those kind of players (consolation prize for Hall, he’s tough just stupid) – pretty doesn’t win in the NHL; see Kings, Hawks, Ducks….

    • James says:

      In all seriousness Phaneuf is probably the worst defencemen in the NHL. There is nothing he can do well (except turn over the puck). His laziness is a big reason why the Leafs completely wet the bed at the end of this season. Every time he goes for the puck in the corner his feet are completely on the ice with his stick at his waist, every time he makes a pass it bounces off the tape of the receiver or just goes past them, every time he shoots from the blueline it goes 50 feet wide.

    • jim says:

      Before you mention those Oiler Kids–make sure you wash out your mouth with Listerine.
      As for being bad for sooooo long a leafs fan can tells us all about I am sure!!
      stay up past 9:30 and watch some real hockey!

  7. jimithy says:

    This is fantastic news! Dion would benefit the most. A change of scenery would wake him up. Obviously he doesn’t fit in in Toronto. The Leafs cannot lose. A new captain with real leadership qualities could surface and keep the youngsters under control. Very bad habits have become part of the team culture and if Dion and a couple of others return, nothing will change except the price of beer and tickets.

  8. Drew Allan Flip says:

    Gagner ?? who has never played a full season in his career?….for Phaneuf who as a defenseman puts up more points then Gagner?…yaaa okay if Toronto makes that deal I would be very disappointed…I could see yakupov and 1 first rounder and a ahl player….for Phaneuf and our pick ……Yakupov is only 20 year’s old and will only get better with the right players around him…he’s already had problems with the coaches in Edmonton and it’s time for a change….Toronto giving Phaneuf away for peanuts in Gagner is garbage he’s a good player but not what Toronto needs to be successful.

  9. Arbeau Justin says:

    would love for this to happen , and to the people saying they would rather give up kadri , you are crazy. Kadri has only played 1 full year(season) in the nhl and has, 20 goals , and 30 assists , that’s more point then sam Gangner ever got in 1 season, We need to hold on to kadri for atleast 1 more year to see his true potential. Don’t get me wrong sam gangner is amazing player but i dont think its the right move to trade kadri this prematurely, let him grown for a year or 2 and if he’s not the puzzle piece the leafs need. we should be able to get great market value out of him in the season’s to come.

  10. John says:

    Phaneuf ,Clarkson and Kadri for #3 , Klefbom and Yakapov . Thats a fair deal

  11. Peter Hefner says:

    I’m praying for this trade please make it happen! Let the Marlies kids play!

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