Dec 31, 2013; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Dave Nonis at a press conference during practice the day before the Winter Classic hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings at Michigan Stadium. Phaneuf signed a 7-year contract extension with the Maple Leafs. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs Active In Trade Talks

With the NHL GM meetings today, the possibility of trades around the NHL will go up.

“There have definitely been more calls in the past week… no matter how many times you’ve talked on the phone, face time with your colleagues always seems to speed things up.”

That is what Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Dave Nonis had to say recently about the meetings. With the Leafs surrounded by rumors, it is nice to know that there are actually calls going on and it’s not just the media making suggestions. Nonis continued talking about the plans the Leafs have this off-season.

“We’d like to do some things with our roster… If a skilled veteran can help our team now, we’d consider it, sure… Especially if it was someone who is able to help some of our young guys get better… But we’re not about to give away our future for that. A deal has to make sense for us for the future as it does for winning right now… There will be roster alterations, but they have to make sense. And that goes for trades too.”

Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun notes that Jake Gardiner and Nazem Kadri could be packaged together in the right deal. What type of deal is that? That remains to be seen.

When will we see a deal go down? Could it be in the coming days? The 2014 NHL Draft is quickly approaching. The time to move is now.

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8 Comments on NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs Active In Trade Talks

  1. Peter Hefner says:

    I recall Mr. Nonis standing pat at last year’s trade deadline no deals no improvement no playoffs!

    • Stan Smith says:

      Peter. You forgot. No injured Bernier. Playoffs!

      • Peter Hefner says:

        Rite Stan he is the man! Defense still giving up way to many shots! I’m old school goaltender.Reimer was horrible he plays goalie on his knees to many goals top shelf.

        • Stan Smith says:

          Yes they give up too many shots and they have a lot of work to do to get better. You can also tell the team did not have confidence in Reimer. I still say that if Bernier stays healthy they make the playoffs. I don’t think they would have gotten far but the way they played against boston last year and how the habs and rangers did this year shows you never know. One more note. Maybe the way they finished proves that Nonis was right not too make any moves at the deadline. Probably wouldn’t have madea difference.

          • Peter Hefner says:

            What about Gaborik and Vanek they helped their new team down the stretch! And playoffs,Nick Schultz for a 5th rounder come on u can’t be sleeping on deadline day!

          • Stan Smith says:

            Nonis said he wasn’t going to make a deal for a rental player that was going to cost them any draft picks or prospects. I’m fine with that. For every team that makes a deal for a rent a player that works out there are plenty that don’t. You could also comment that from the way they finished they should have taken the opportunity to shed some players and contracts. I repeat once more if Bernier wouldn’t have gotten hurt we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. The leafs have a good young core of players. They need to make moves to shore up their D and bottom six forwards but I think they are slowly moving in the right direction.

          • Claude Lamontagne says:

            Vanek didn’t even receive an offer from Montreal that should tell you something…

  2. R."Mitch Mitchell. says:

    I think maybe Zeisberger may have fell on his head – Nonis just finished saying – he will not trade the farm.
    Smarten up for Chr…..t sake.

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