Mar 11, 2014; San Jose, CA, USA; San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton (19) celebrates as the puck goes past Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer (34) on a first period score by San Jose Sharks right wing Brent Burns (88), not in picture, at SAP Center at San Jose. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Speculation: Centers Seem To Be At A Premium For The Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been making appearances in the rumor mill at an almost daily rate. Whether it be about trading away one of their own players or being interested in another team’s player, it just doesn’t seem to stop.

Of course, once again the focus seems to be acquiring a center. Maybe not a No. 1 center, but at least one that can eat up a lot of minutes on the second or third lines.

Whether it be Joe Thornton or Ryan Kesler, it seems the Leafs will always be mentioned. With Paul Stastny the only center that would fit the Leafs offensive, minute-crunching needs in free agency, if the Leafs are to bring in a center, it will more than likely come via trade.

The Leafs have two centers heading towards free agency in Dave Bolland and Jay McClement. It is also unclear if Nazem Kadri will be back in a Leafs uniform with the rumors that constantly surround him. It looks like the only center assured to be back in Toronto is Tyler Bozak.

So what do the Maple Leafs do?

With Nick Kypreos saying that the only four untouchables in Toronto being Bozak, Phil Kessel, Jonathan Bernier and Morgan Rielly, it looks like nearly anyone else could be packaged in order to acquire a center that can fill their needs.

The question is, when will it happen? Or maybe the question should be will it even happen at all? Will the Leafs, in trying to get the best deal possible, end up losing the chance at a good deal? Look at what happened with the Vancouver Canucks with Roberto Luongo as an example.

Until something happens, the Leafs will be surrounded by rumors. Hopefully, we something concrete soon.

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8 Comments on NHL Trade Speculation: Centers Seem To Be At A Premium For The Toronto Maple Leafs

  1. cjhowardo says:

    I can’t be the only one who is dumbfounded by the idea of Bozak being “Untouchable”, can I? JVR is superior in virtually every way, but he isn’t part of this magical group of 4. I get the other 3. I’m sure we all do. But Bozak?!! C’mon. The guy is a #2 or even #3 on a top contender. Where would he slot in LA or Chicago?

  2. A13276 says:

    Nick Kypreos has ZERO credibility – his track record shows that.

  3. A13276 says:

    You shouldn’t be using the Luongo situation as an example of what can happen if you wait too long. This was a fiasco that was created by Mike Gillis by painting Luongo as the fall guy in Vancouver – a contemptible and gutless move. It was only made worse by Mike Gillis because he would never accept ownership of the “soap opera” that grew from this until the owner finally put a gun to his head to get “something”. 99% of NHL GMs aren’t going to do what Gillis did!

  4. jimithy says:

    As everyone knows, #81, #3 , #41, #36 and #71, might be good numbers to have in the lottery. They are not the numbers you want to see on the ice wearing the blue white and yikes! Except if your part of the uber-dumb ‘governors’ or part of the ‘asleep-at-the-wheel’ management or a member of the ‘walking zombie’ scouting staff. The cash cow moos not for the beleafers, only the governors and assistant governor and their minions. Damn you cash cow, damn you.

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