Dec 17, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Florida Panthers defenceman Dmitry Kulikov (7) and defenceman Mike Weaver (43) and forward Aleksander Barkov (16) and forward Sean Bergenheim (20) celebrate a goal during the second period as Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf (3) skates to the bench at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs & Florida Panthers Blockbuster In Works?

You know those Dion Phaneuf rumors that we keep hearing about? Well, here we are again with yet another scenario.

Howard Berger has said that he has heard of the same scenario from two NHL scouts so he believes it’s worth mentioning. The trade he brings up is between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers. It has the Leafs sending captain Dion Phanuef, Nazem Kadri and the eighth pick in the 2014 NHL Draft to the Panthers for veteran defenseman Ed Jovanovski and the first overall pick.

This is certainly an interesting scenario. For one, the Leafs giving up both Phaneuf and Kadri would definitely signal the culture change that Brendan Shanahan and Dave Nonis  have been talking about.

Phaneuf would give the Panthers another veteran defenseman alongside Brian Campbell to go along with all their young defensemen. Kadri would give them another weapon to go along with the likes of Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov.

In the Leafs case, acquiring the first overall pick would allow the Leafs to take Aaron Ekblad according to Berger. He goes on to mention that selecting Ekblad would give the Leafs a formidable top four in the future with Ekblad, Morgan Rielly, Jake Gardiner and Matt Finn.

Jovanovski has had two straight seasons where he has dealt with injuries. It is unclear if he’ll even be able to play next season. If he does play, the Leafs would have a veteran defenseman to guide the Leafs youngsters. If he doesn’t, he retires and doesn’t cost anything against the cap.

This is quite an out-there trade proposal, but then again, most blockbuster trades are. Could it happen?

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21 Comments on NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs & Florida Panthers Blockbuster In Works?

  1. JJVmlf says:

    So we send a number 2 defenseman, a number 2 center our number 8 pick for let me get this right. An aging defenceman and a potential number 2 defenseman if everything breaks right. Hmm, sure, another dumb rumour that doesn’t add up

    • Sixto1 says:

      I would be happy if this came to fruition. Neither Phaneuf nor Khadri have been able to live up to expectations. Phaneuf has lost a step, and certainly has not lived up to expectations from his Calgary days. Khadri has some offensive upside but still a big defensive liability and is prone to taking ill advised penalties at worst possible moments. With this deal we gain cap space and trade the eighth overall pick for the first overall pick. I agree it is far-fetched. It would suit Florida only if they are so far under cap they would need to take these two salaries on to meet floor or minimum cap requirement. One can always dream.

      • Kevin says:

        Are you kidding me about Kadri? The kid is 23 years old, coming off his first full season and he dropped 50 points. You don’t get rid of the kid after a year and a half with the big club.

        • Sixto1 says:

          Kadri has had chances before this year. Do you think he can evolve into a #1 or 2?
          I am not sure.

          • Marshall King says:

            50 points is a solid #2 center…. which is what Kadri is.

          • Sixto1 says:

            Ok #2, but not a solid one.

          • David says:

            50 points is very solid for a #2 center and he still has upside

          • Sixto1 says:

            To me solid implies two-way. Kadri is one way and error-prone. We probably define the word “solid” differently in this context.

          • BurtReynolds says:

            If we got Ekblad I could deal with losing Kadri. He can score but doesn’t play D. Give Peter Holland a chance at center. He’s a puck possession guy with some size. Not bad hands either.

          • Sixto1 says:

            I very much agree with you.

          • [email protected] says:

            Peter will play this year 3rd line or 4th and if Kadri blows a tire he could play 2nd line

          • Marshall King says:

            agreed he isnt’ the best on D, but he is physical and draws penalties, which are positive attributes as well.

          • Sixto1 says:

            50 points-88th
            67 PIM-86th
            7 PP-47th
            13.5 S%-114th
            +/- 781st
            Holland and Kadri were taken in same draft and round. As the Bandit, Smokey’s friend above, says, give Holland a chance.

          • Tim Bayer says:

            Holland’s probably fine as a third-line centre. Anything more than that, you’re stretching it. Kadri is the much better offensive player. He’s not great defensively, but you can’t just go and replace a 23-year-old second-line centre with plenty of room to improve. He’s also great at drawing penalties. If the Leafs are looking to deal a centre, it should be Bozak. He’s much older and is a prime candidate to regress next year. Get what you can for him now.

      • [email protected] says:

        you would be happy if this was true come on Kadri is 23 years old put up 50 points and could have had more if he played all 82 games and they have to many young d men they need more talent on the wing and at center

    • A13276 says:

      Most Leaf fans are angry or just stupid! This is why this is a trade they would love! Throw some gas on the fire by dropping Phaneuf and Kadri into the mix why don’t you! Just mention 1st overall pick and they lose their minds! They still think that automatically means they’ll get the next Crosby. This is a draft where there is no franchise player available – if there were than you could do this trade. But the 8th pick in this particular draft could turn out to be as good as any of the top 7 picks!

  2. puckbubba says:

    As a Panthers fan. I love this trade.

    • JJVmlf says:

      no kidding. A number two defence man, a number two centre, and a potential top six (at worst) winger. I would jump all over that if I was Florida in heart beat. As a leaf fan NOOOOOOO FFFFFFing WAAAAY

    • James says:

      You should hate this. Phaneuf is a minus to any team. He’s a seven million dollar pylon.

      • puckbubba says:

        Jovo is a buyout candidate. Panthers could use Phaneuf as a number two or three defenseman. He won’t be as scrutinized in Florida or be captain so he will have less presuure. Panthers get rid of Jovo and get to take a good offensive prospect with Leafs pick and a good young player Kadri. This is win, win for Panthers.

  3. [email protected] says:

    you got to be kidding me who ever started this roomer is smoking some bad cow patties this would have been a little more believable if JOVANOVSKI was 27 not 37 he hasn’t even played a full season in what 5 years and is still hurt I realise now this was a old article but I just wanted to have my say y would you even post this article it is a horrendously dumb “so” called rumor Jeff

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