Mar 22, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs forward Dave Bolland (63) heads up ice against the Montreal Canadiens during the second period at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Free Agency: Toronto Maple Leafs Have Price Limit On Dave Bolland

If Dave Bolland truly wants the large amount of money in a new contract that has been suggested, he might have to look elsewhere. Why? Well, according to the Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons, he won’t be getting it from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Simmons wrote in his regular Sunday column that the Leafs don’t want to pay Bolland more than the $4.2 million they are paying Tyler Bozak. Probably a smart move with the players they have in the pipeline.

The Leafs depth chart at center as of right now looks like this: Bozak, Bolland, Nazem Kadri and Jay McClement. Bolland and McClement are set to become unrestricted free agents on July 1. Simmons also notes the the Leafs should re-sign McClement but only if he takes a pay-cut from the $1.5 million he made this season.

The Leafs also have Peter Holland, who with his performances with both the Leafs and the Toronto Marlies should have a spot on the Leafs roster next season. You also have to consider Frederik Gauthier, a center who projects to be Bolland-like, should be ready for the NHL by the 2015-16 season.

The Leafs will probably kick the tires on Paul Stastny, should he reach UFA status. That will pretty much all they can do if they re-sign Bolland at any more than he made in his last contract. Signing Bolland, in my opinion, also pretty much seals the fate of Kadri as he would probably be traded.

Should the Toronto Maple Leafs re-sign Bolland or should they let him walk after only one season with his home-town team? We’ll find out in the coming months.

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9 Comments on NHL Free Agency: Toronto Maple Leafs Have Price Limit On Dave Bolland

  1. old hockey fan says:

    Let Bolland walk, he is a third line center, he should not be paid 5 mill.

  2. Andrew says:

    Trade Kadri! Kadri and Phaneuf to FLA for #1 overall! C’mon down Sam Reinhart!

    • Terry White says:

      Andrew…I agree with a trade of sorts but trading for a #1 may not be worth giving up the likes of a Kadri (7th overall) or a Phaneuf (9th overall). Both players are top ten picks and granted have had their share of oops and downs this season but from my perspective there were many more positives in their play then negatives so the question is do we take an uncalculated gamble and throw all this out for an (any) unproven junior player? The Leafs have squandered away too many quality players for quick fixes and under Burke and Nonis the tap has been turned off. I don’t think we saw enough of Bolland to make any conclusions about his value to the Leafs but what we did see was impressive. Of course it all comes down to cap bucks and that is where we begin to discuss of different kind of talent can Shanahan/Nonis sell a few pieces to gain a better fit or do they just gamble and see what happens. Remember the Leafs issues are giving up too many shots against…is that a player thing or a coaching strategy. I like Randy but if they are not listening to him is that a talent deficit or a coaching issue, I guess we’ll see next year.

      • Andrew says:

        I agree, it is a lot to give up and I am actually one of the few in Phaneuf’s corner. I personally think Reinhart is the type of player you build a team around. I am not high on Kadri at all. I think he is too prone to mental errors to be a top C in this league and he is defensively irresponsible. I don’t think he’ll ever pan out to be much more than he already is.

        But, here’s what I see happening. If they drafted Reinhart at 1 and kept the 8th spot, they could get Vertanen with a little bit of luck, if not they could go with Perlini or take a risk on Ritchie (very hot and cold Junior player, but Lucic-type upside). Here’s what I’d do on D – I’d offer Subban (RFA) a big contract and handcuff MTL (also would be a costly move, but he is on the verge of becoming one of the most dominant Dman in the league and is still very young)…..worst (best?) case scenario is MTL matches the offer and you try and sign a guy like Boyle (UFA) for a year until something better comes along. Long term they have a lot of strong prospects on the point (Granberg (who played excellent with Reilly at camp last year, and Spott is constantly praising), Nilsson (Swedish elite rookie of the year drawing comparisons to Kronwall), Finn, Percy). The only way to win in this league is to dominate the middle of the ice and without selling your franchise, the only day to obtain a dominant C is through the draft, and those players are gone top 4 or 5. At this point, whether Kadri went 7 or Phaneuf went 9 is irrelevant – all that matters from this point is their future value. You could probably also get something back in return with the #1 overall (a number 3 or 4 dman). Leafs have the defensive prop sects in their system (and Reilly could easily be a top 10 dman in this league in a few years), so I go all out to try and get a coveted C (you’re never going to win a cup with Bozak and Kadri, 1-2).

        • Terry White says:

          I can’t say I would argue with most of your analysis particularly with Kadri but I’m not convinced that he should be given away just yet although ownership might deal him for the right deal. Kadri and Phaneuf as top tens is relevant to my opinion that draft picks regardless of how high they may find themselves in the most sought after category are not necessarily the only answer which begs the question why give away the farm, one that has shown it can be dominant for momentary pleasure only to be awaken by nightmares late in the season. We can easily be swayed by the “if only we could get him” dream but the reality of it is still a gamble.
          Of course Drafts, UFA’s are all gambles in one way or another. We only need cast our glances west at Edmonton’s lineup for evidence of number one picks. I agree with regard to Reilly’s future but he has to become more consistent and conscious of leaving his lane too soon for deep excursions. He is one of those players, (imo) that causes turnovers in the neutral zone and of course is another one of those top 10 (4th) who will as you say, develop later which is essentially my position with regard to high draft picks. I must disagree with any contra assessment regarding Bozak’s contributions. He has been described recently as a very unappreciated garbage man in front of the opposition net; effective faceoff man and in my opinion the type of utility player every team needs. I think on the whole we’re all looking for the answer and there are lots of input from LFL (Leafers for Life) on how that should be done but I’m not convinced we need to change too much of the current chemistry, perhaps new A/coaches will help knock some sense into the team for next year.

          • Andrew says:

            Bozak would be a good number 2, but IMO he is not a number 1 on a team that threats for a Cup run. It’s the concerns over Kadri that make him a good trade candidate at the moment, and the right deal is always required (let’s just assume the right deal, because that should be an obvious prerequisite to any trade). Kadri’s value is still relatively high and he good bring back a nice return. Assuming you can get that return, now is a good time to trade him. We know he has defensive issues, but offensively, what Kadri is the real Kadri? The PPG player from the shortened season or the ~.5 PPG player from this year? My guess is the latter, based on the advanced stats (shooting percentage was very high in the 48 game season and we know these things tend to crash back down to earth). I certainly wouldn’t give him away, but the type of deal I would want for him would be anything but giving him away. Perhaps the Leafs can resign Brennan, which would make Gardiner a good trade candidate for next year. Him and Kadri together could probably land a pretty nice return. And, this would allow the Leafs to keep Phaneuf, who I think we are both part of the minority in acknowledging his value.

          • Terry White says:

            Let just agree, a Bozak persona resides on every team at some level and talent. We both have opinions and obviously your insight is not too removed from my view. I’ve have never been one to categorize first, seconds or third line talent (like the experts do) primarily because the art of opinion is unscientific and just too subjective for my liking varying from one assessment to the next and on and on. Was it Don Cherry who once said a player is only as good as his last shift. If a team can find a mathematical solution to the equation Player + Talent + Opportunity divided by Repetition and Constancy (ice time) then perhaps we can more effectively judge output both present and future consistently. For me, having coached, scouted and played a bit …nothing is ever really true or for that matter reliable when it comes to scouting assessments. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a scout (and done this myself) in an Arena with clip board in hand, league records to the ready, vacant stare and a sense of wonderment of his assignment. I may be short selling their services but at the end of the day its always the available facts that will eventually prevail over any 20 minutes of subjective evaluation which leads to the balance of probabilities that he/she must be worthy and didn’t reach this exalted level without some sort of veritable accomplishments along the way hi5ed with some coaching superlatives along the way. IMO,Central Scouting is nothing more than a repository of league level composite stats and professional Scouts are dispatched by teams for input that is already in the hockey universe. Now I know that I’ll get a little static on that premise, but at the end of the day, only the kid’s coach, his teammates and the community (the real scouts) know whether his/her talent is authentic or aided/embellished by equally talented team mates. So put all of these variables together (unless we can solve the equation) and what do you have…a gamble, a wish and a lot of hype. So, Andrew we do agree on the need to shut down shots against but I’m not sure that this cannot be achieved with the wholesale application of repetitive feedback, positive re-enforcement from competent coaching staff who have learned from their own travails in this great sport I’m all for moving pieces as long as the gamble is minimized or the peril of change for the sake of change is mitigated by a solid farm system, which we do have thanks to Brian Burke and Mr. Nonis . I might consider Kadri but would never part with the likes of a Dion Phaneuf which are extremely hard to come by. As for Boyle…no thanks.

  3. jimithy says:

    Who would pay 7$ for a hot dog?

  4. Peter Hefner says:

    Let the kids marlies play fix the defense old and slow Dion must get out of town sign stud defense like Brooks Orpik and scorer like Hemsky then sign Bolland cheap and say goodbye Reimer!

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