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Toronto Maple Leafs Look Bad With Pittsburgh Firing

Today, the Toronto Maple Leafs look even worse and they haven’t even done anything. Why do they look bad? It’s because of the decision that the Pittsburgh Penguins made in regards to their now former general manager Ray Shero.

Shero was fired today by the Penguins after they were eliminated in the second round by the New York Rangers. Obviously, they were not happy with the results of the past few seasons. Head Coach Dan Bylsma avoided the chopping block for now but could still be fired when a new GM is hired.

So what about the Leafs?

They went from second in the Atlantic Division to out of the playoffs and into the top 10 of the NHL Draft because a horrible late season slide. So what happens in Toronto.

The assistant coaches get fired.

That’s it. Randy Carlyle is still here. Dave Nonis is still here. I thought there was going to be this thing called accountability now that Brendan Shanahan took over. Apparently not.

The decision to keep Carlyle has been largely panned by everyone in Toronto. The fact that he got a two-year extension is preposterous to everyone.

The fact that Nonis, for the most part, has escaped blame is also surprising. Nonis chose to do nothing at the Trade Deadline and it cost the Leafs. Just look at the Montreal Canadiens, who are about to start the Eastern Conference Finals tomorrow. At the Deadline, they acquired Thomas Vanek and Mike Weaver. A month prior, they acquired Dale Weise. Just shows that if you make the right deals, anything can happen.

Of course, the Leafs chose to do nothing and look what happened.

The Penguins have higher expectations than the Leafs. That’s why they made the second round of the playoffs and then fired their general manager. The Leafs missed the playoffs and both their general manager and coach survived. Just shows you how far the Leafs have to go before they are successful.

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12 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Look Bad With Pittsburgh Firing

  1. WBK3 says:

    What makes you think firing Shero was a good idea?

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      Shero was the one who got blamed for the Pens failure. Does it make sense that he got fired and Bylsma didn’t? No, but that’s the decision that they made.

  2. A13276 says:

    There’s no hope for you – you’re as anti-Leaf as it gets – unbelievable! I guess that won’t change until they swear off fighting and become analytic worshippers just like yourself. ThCan you imagine if the Toronto Maple Leafs fired their GM
    and kept their Coach the piling on of abuse they would receive from the hockey scribes, bloggers and the hockey world in general – yet I’m watching the talking heads and the worst they’ve got is “ya, I’m surprised with that but perhaps…” – absolutely incredible!!! So if you needed any further proof that they have a predisposition of criticizing anything the Leafs do just because it’s the Leafs – look no further than this Pittsburgh example. It makes absolutely no managerial sense to do what the Pens did – the only explanation is that someone screwed up and it was too late to fix it before the news
    conference started. But the talking heads are still trying to figure it out! Pathetic!!!

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      Well, there’s a first for everything. I’ve been called anti-Leaf. You might think that, but I’ve been a Leaf fan for about 15 years now. Articles wouldn’t be so good if I just believed and wrote about how everything they did was right.

      Also, I love fighting in the game and I hate when anyone mentions the term “Corsi”

      • A13276 says:

        It’s still a stupid article you wrote with a stupid premise and hey, most Leaf fans are as stupid and bad as the Leaf haters!

        • Jeffrey Langridge says:

          The Pittsburgh situation is weird yes with the GM being fired and not the coach as well. All I’m saying is that they made the playoffs and someone got punished for them not meeting expectations. Neither did the Leafs, yet both Nonis and Carlyle are still here. In what world is that stupid?

          • A13276 says:

            So you fire the Coach or GM when a team fails to make the playoffs – talk about stupid!

          • Jeffrey Langridge says:

            You do when a team is expected to make the playoffs. Which the Leafs should have this year.

      • Tim Bayer Tim Bayer says:

        What’s your beef with shot-attempt differential?

  3. D.WAdair says:

    Yea and had they traded there young prospects you would have been the first one calling them crazy. They might have got a little farther but not to much.With a little tinkling they are as good as the Habs. Quit trying to act so smart when you know so little.

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