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NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs Shopping Dion Phaneuf

Toronto Maple Leafs fans might actually get what they want. What do they want? Well, judging from every comment that I’ve read since the end of the season, apart from the firing of Randy Carlyle, is Dion Phaneuf getting a one-way trip out of Toronto.

Nick Kypreos sent a tweet yesterday that will make those fans happy.

If the Leafs are actually shopping Phaneuf, I would say that the Leafs will actually trade him. No bother shopping your captain if you don’t have a serious interest in trading him. Kypreos also sent out this tweet.

It makes sense. If the Leafs want to move Phaneuf but teams don’t want to take on his $7 million cap hit, the Leafs could take up $1-2 million of it and add some more valued assets. Also, if the Leafs are shopping him now, I would assume draft picks would be part of the package that comes back to the Leafs.

The fact the Leafs could be even shopping Phaneuf says a lot. He constantly leads the team in ice-time. He is a reliable point producer.According to The Score’s website, for all his defensive liabilities, the Leafs have outscored their opponents while Phaneuf is on the ice. If they deal him, they will have to replace his production and ice-time. That could be problematic.

If this happens, a lot of Toronto Maple Leafs fans will erupt in joy. They might not have seen Carlyle get fired. However, they may see their captain get thrown off the ship.

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6 Comments on NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs Shopping Dion Phaneuf

  1. Vic Soga says:

    Should trade him plus cash to Florida for first pick. Would be funny if he got traded back to Calgary for TJ Brodie and first round pick. Burkie would love that!

  2. A13276 says:

    Kypreos is a jerk along with those other two, Mac Lean and Millard. Kypreos went from tweeting that the Leafs were shopping Phaneuf (to only the Western Conference mind you) to today saying that’s what he “believes”!!! To think we have to tolerate these no talent clowns due to the Rogers purchase of NHL rights is maddening!

  3. John Knight says:

    Pha9 is a $7 million d-man in the eastern conference. In the west he’s a $4.5 million journeyman. He’s nowhere near Doughty, Weber, Pietrangelo, Vlasic or Keith. BTW those guys play bigger minutes against much tougher teams with much more travel.

  4. D.WAdair says:

    If he is traded he will win a cup before the Leafs ever win one. Dion is not the problem.

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