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Toronto Maple Leafs Re-Sign Randy Carlyle; What Are They Thinking?!

The Toronto Maple Leafs must like to reward failure. That’s what they did today as not only did they bring back Randy Carlyle as head coach, they signed him to a two-year contract extension.

General Manager Dave Nonis explained the move in a conference call today.

“If you’ve seen it being done before with a lot of the same players and that coach leading that group, I know it can happen… It has happened with this group before. He has reached them before. He has reached them at times this year.”

“We feel he is the guy that can get through to this group.”

While Carlyle is staying, his assistant coaches are not. Scott Gordon, Greg Cronin and Dave Farrish have all been let go. I accept all the assistants being fired, but why not go all the way. Adam Proteau made this gem of a tweet.

Even though the Leafs made the playoffs in the lockout-shortened season, the Leafs statistics, such as puck possession, have been getting worse. The only reason the Leafs were close to the playoffs this season was their goalies at the beginning of the season. Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer won the Leafs a lot of games that they shouldn’t have won early on this season.

Speaking of the puck possession stats, James Mirtle tweeted this out. Pretty much sums it up.

With this decision, it appears that Brendan Shanahan and Dave Nonis are going in a “blame the players” direction. If that is indeed what happens, I would expect the Leafs to make lots of moves during this off-season. Nonis said this today.

“I’m not going to make grand predictions about major moves but we’re going to make some major changes… This was the first and probably the most important decision we were going to make in the off-season.”

There should be some big moves coming from the Leafs this summer. Whether it be trades or signing free agents, the Leafs will be busy. As I have said many times before, next year’s Leafs team will be very different than this years.

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6 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Re-Sign Randy Carlyle; What Are They Thinking?!

  1. Rob says:

    There have been a ton of bad decisions the Leafs have made in the 40 years I’ve been a fan, but this may be the one to force me to hand in my fan card. If Randy made one thing clear this year it was that he is epically stupid. Can you imagine being dumb enough to alienate the only goalie you have after the starter goes down. Like or hate Reimer, he was the only option with NHL experience. Therefore any coach with even half a brain would do anything they could to motivate this man.
    That is just one example. You could also look at the wonderful stretch they had. If that isn’t clearly a team that has tuned the coach out, I don’t know what is.
    Randy is an idiot and he has lost his players. Moving forward, we now get to see who is the dimmer bulb, Carlyle or Nonis.

  2. cjhowardo says:

    Shannahan needs to totally clean house. Nonis is a Burke Cronie… Totally out of touch with today’s game. Carlyle is a caveman in this NHL and totally tuned out by his players. I take a lot of heat for not even caring about the leafs anymore, after 35 years of fandom. This is why I can’t be bothered anymore. No concern for winning. I bet ticket prices still go up…

  3. Tim Bayer says:

    A lot of people I follow on Twitter share the same feelings about this as Rob and CJ. Pretty sad that after all these years, Leafs fans are seriously considering leaving this team after this decision. What a godawful organization.

    • D.WAdair says:

      Yea the building will be half empty.. if Carlyle was left go who was out there to replace him with. He will turn this team around,its not as bad as most people think. If not for a slide toward the end they were in and Habs or T.B would have been crying in their soup.

      • Tim Bayer says:

        The building will always be full, don’t get me wrong. Just bringing back Carlyle is such an acceptance of mediocrity. He’s simply not a good coach. The only positive I can think of is Shanahan is waiting for “his guy” to enter the market, which makes sense. But most of the coaches available I think would be better options than Randy.

  4. John Knight says:

    Same coach, same brain-dead and gutless crew. And somehow they think it will be different. One playoff appearance in a decade only because of a 48 game season. This year, unfortunately, it was 82 games and no doubt caught them by surprise. Or maybe it was all the gruelling 3-hour road trips to Ottawa, Buffalo, Montreal, Detroit, Boston, NY and Philly. Or maybe it was the tough grind suiting up against the Sabres, Islanders and other powerhouse outfits.
    Never mind, 82 games is 34 more games for Phyllis to pad his stats.

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