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Toronto Maple Leafs Could Be In The Position To Trade Joffrey Lupul

Joffrey Lupul has quite possibly played his final game wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. With a roster shake-up all but assured, not many players are safe and even players that think they are might not be. That group of players includes Lupul for sure.

Lupul might seem like a hard sell. After all, he is injury-prone and he has four years remaining on a contract that was signed prior to the 2013-14 season. He also carries a $5.25 million cap hit for each of those four years.

However, Lupul carries a lot of intangibles that any NHL team would love to have. In the past four seasons as a member of the Leafs, Lupul has recorded an average of 0.82 points per game. That might not be superstar level production, but it is a good level of production for a secondary player, which Lupul is.

If a team can get over the injury problems, Lupul could be a very good pickup for a team that wants to contend for the playoffs. Michael Traikos of the National Post suggested that the Florida Panthers could be a possible landing spot for Lupul.

Lupul might have had a down season this past year, but it is unlikely that he will follow that up with another bad season. If the Leafs can acquire some good assets for him, they have the young players that could potentially take his place. One of them could be Josh Leivo, who has been compared to Lupul at times.

Not every Leaf that finished the 2013-14 season as a Toronto Maple Leaf will be back for the 2014-15 season. Joffrey Lupul might have the biggest chance of moving of the Leafs’ big name forwards.

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9 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Could Be In The Position To Trade Joffrey Lupul

  1. Joey Balcom says:

    Lupul will be captain of the leafs next year.. Phaneuf is good as gone.. Possible to Edmonton in a package for the leafs to move up too pick second in this years draft.. Bennett!!!

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      Phaneuf will be hard to move in the off-season, although it is a possibility. If the Leafs are going to move up, I don’t think it will be to draft Bennett. It would either be Ekblad or Reinhart.

  2. COBRA771 says:

    wrong lievo can not take lupuls place yet ayr or 2 maybe but not yet . leafs should keep lupul put him back with kessel n bozak put jvr with kadri or holland and lievo then they will have 2 lines that can score not just 1 and dont say oh we cant take jvr off the top line . thats bs lupul was almost just as good when he was on that line

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      He might not be as effective in his first few years, but I think he could still make the team if no one is traded for or signed in free agency.

  3. Stan Smith says:

    I’m not too sure why you state “With a roster shake-up all but assured”. I don’t see that at all. The Leafs have a good young core of players. I can see their being changes to the coaching staff, whether or not that includes Carlyle or not. I do think there will probably be a number of changes in the “bottom” six forwards and a couple dmen but I would be very surprised if they did a major shake-up to restart yet another rebuild.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      Roster shake-up doesn’t necessarily mean rebuild. With so many Leafs heading to free agency, and with the team playing so poorly down the stretch, I’d be very surprised if there weren’t significant changes. Again, that doesn’t mean I think they should blow everything up and start over. You’re correct in saying the Leafs have a good young core, but Lupul isn’t a part of it. He turns 31 in September. I like Lupul, but if you can get a solid top-four defenseman and save some cap space, I think a trade makes sense.

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      What I meant by roster shake-up is that there could be a lot of players that will not return, not a rebuild. Players like Lupul, Kulemin, Bolland, Franson, Reimer, McClement, Raymond are all possibly not coming back.

      • Stan Smith says:

        I agree that any of them could be gone. In the case of Kulemin, Bolland and Raymond I think they will want too much money. Franson wasn’t close to the same player he was the end of last season. McClement could be moved to make way for some youth. The problem with trading Lupul is who would you get for him and would they make the team better. I think he will probably still be around. The big surprise could be Reimer. I don’t know if they would get much for him and lost in the end of the season was the two great performances he had coming off the bench in the two games Bernier got hurt in. While it would not surprise me to see him gone, it would also not surprise me to see him still with the team come fall.

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